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    Is Bonus Ball finished?

    I admit it took some time to get accustomed to the game and rules which the commentator would acquaint you with as you watched. Like kind of trying to watch a one pocket match if you never played one pocket. That aside, I loved the concept of creating regional city teams to compete against...
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    Only 2 U.S. players?

    The World Championship with $300K added and only 2 US entries including Shane? How weak is the US economy anyways? This is just not right. Worse than that though are these pathetic idiots that think the economy is doing OK? Boy I cant wait to go to the voting poll this November!
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    RE: PPV Streaming...

    RE: PPV Streaming... RE:Just to let the PPV sites know that if you don't accept Pay Pal you are losing a lot of good business.:confused:
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    "I got more dough than all of them!"

    Steve Mizerak, circa 1990, Los Angeles, Ca.