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    BCA League Format

    BCA here is similar, 4 rounds, 4 man team, play each player once. Handicapped by Fargo. I love my team and we have fun for sure. It can be a challenging format for me because I like getting up and getting in to a rhythm so to speak. So time between racks (and beers) lol..can take you out of...
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    For all the negative Shane talk...

    Shane is pure class and a very positive inspiration and role model for the young players coming up and anyone who loves this game. He's a true champion and absolute legend in this sport. Mad respect for this man. He deserves nothing less. It's not about kissing his ass. It's about giving...
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    APA inks deal with Diamond tables

    I was just talking with my friend who is our local league operator here about this move to Diamond. Thank goodness!! We have a few bars still that have Valleys but the majority have Diamonds. I don't play anywhere that has Valleys and won't again. Makes me look forward to getting to Vegas...
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    Sold Cory Barnhart

    Beautiful Barnhart. Someone buy this ! Izzy is a great guy to deal with, straight up seller!
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    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    But your statement seems to be a dig on Bergman when the truth is its not his talent that has held him back from "succeeding as a pro player in the long run" Its been his decision not to chase it. He clearly has the ability. I've seen him play enough to know that isn't ability or lack of holding...
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    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    Yeah, a shame not to have his talent out there mixing it up with the rest of the top players. He's exciting to watch and a beast of a player IMHO. Hope he's doing well 🙏
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    2001 Josey Sneaky

    Straight up player right here. Someone needs to snag this.
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    Sold Nitti sneaky, full splice coco hoppe

    Price dropped to $625! A steal on a Nitti
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    Sold Nitti sneaky, full splice coco hoppe

    Guys I have a Nitti in like new condition, no dents or dings except one tiny blemish near butt cap insert. Only use was yesterday from me that I know of. Very nicely figured coco into Birdseye. Beautiful hoppe sneaky from Nitti! Standard 58 inch cue. Radial Pin. Cue hits and plays great! Get it...
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    Sold Predator Revo 12.9, 3/8x10

    Lightly played over a few days , very new Revo 12.9 mm, 29 inch , stick Victory soft tip. Comes with wipes, decals soft case and joint protector. Shaft other than chalked and hit at my house is still like new. $395 shipped 540-871-7477 text
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    Hitting the "zone" related to cue just feeling right

    Enjoying reading the replies and stories. Glad to see that I'm not completely neurotic. Lol
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    Sold Shelby Williams Ebony and Kielwood 60 inch w/extension

    No longer available
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    Hitting the "zone" related to cue just feeling right

    I know it's always overwhelmingly generalized that it's the Indian and not the arrow when it comes to playing well and I don't dispute that but certainly there are factors that could make that Indian play a little better or worse. I've had too many cues over the years and some I still regret...
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    Coker Cues

    This is just an observation and some comments from my limited experience but I see a lot of Coker cues come up for sale and it has me wondering why so many. I've hit with and seen several in person and can say the cues have been beautifully crafted and all hit very well. A pleasure to hit with...
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    Remove please
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    Sold Cuetec Cynergy 12.5 shaft,3/8x10 mod

    Cuetec Cynergy, 12.5 mm, 4 oz, excellent shape. 3/8x10 modified. Comes with box, wipes, joint protector,.sniper tip. $260 shipped! or 540-871-7477 for faster response. Pics turned out bad..will send good ones.
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    No longer available

    $450 ! Awesome playing sneaky. Extremely solid.