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    Zen Cue

    Yes it is.
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    Zen Cue

    Cash talks bump
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    Zen Cue

    Beautiful Zen Cue For Sale Cue: 15.8 oz Shaft 1: 4.06 oz/ 12.92mm $4200.00 OBO $4200.00 obo:
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    Jerry Olivier custom cue FS

    Beautiful Jerry Olivier custom cue for sale. Butt: 15.6 oz Shaft 1: 3.4oz Shaft 2: 3.8oz Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Treadway Six Point Cue FS/ FT

    Josh Treadway Six point cue Shaft 1: 12.55mm 3.7oz Shaft 2: 12.65mm 3.88oz Meucci Pro shaft: 12.8mm 3.17oz Butt: 14.99 oz Leather wrap Outstanding playing cue in excellent condition! $2200 Obo Will consider trades but cash talks. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Perry Weston
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    Perry Weston fs/ft

    Excellent looking/ playing Perry Weston cue. Very rare two point cue that has an amazing hit. These cues are doing nothing but growing in value. Shaft 1- 12.5mm Shaft 2- 12.25 ivory ferrule Looking to trade for a lambros or joss west. Might look at others $2500. Thank you for looking...
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    Alex Brick J/B FS/FT

    Alex Brick J/B up For sale or trade This cue is used and has some cosmetic issues that can be seen in the pictures. There is a chip in the joint, and the bottom of the cue. The third joint wood lines don't line up perfect. Still jumps and breaks like it should. Looking to trade for a...
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    Wrapless Durbin

    For sale or trade $550 cash $650 trade Wrapless Fancy Merry Widow Durbin Custom Cue Cue has great woods, balance, and feel. This is a great playing cue Weight: 18.2 oz Shaft: 13mm Tip: layered unknown Message me offers and trades. Will add money for the right cue.
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    Durbin Custom Cue FS/FT

    repost pics wouldn't work
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    Mike Lambros six point

    Selling to fund another Lambros. This cue plays absolutely outstanding! The joint does have two small scraches but was told they can be buffed out. I don't have a lathe or trust anyone in my area to touch it. They are very small and only seen when pointed out. Cue rolls dead straight...
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    Wanted lambros cue.

    Looking to buy a lambros cue.
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    WTB Josswest Cue

    Looking to buy simple 4 point cue.
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    WTT Woodworth

    WTT/WTS Wrap less 6 points Woodworth Custom cue with 2 shafts Butt: 15.26 oz, 3/8-10 wrap less, S1: 4.26oz, 12.88mm, Medium Moori, Slight taper roll S2: 3.72oz, 12.49mm, Medium Moori, Slight taper roll This is a great playing cue. It is a player and has a nic on the butt cap, but nothing...
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    WTB LD 3/8 x 10 shaft

    Looking for a good used low deflection shaft to fit a 3/8 X 10 shaft.
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    OB2 and Red dot for sale

    I have an Ob2 shaft with a D Cues butt. It is 3 weeks old. Just can't play with the 11.75 Butt: 30" Shaft: 30" 11.75 Weight: 18.7 oz Pin: 3/8 10 Tip: Tiger Everest Laminated Med $200 I also have a Meucci Red Dot Shaft on a no name butt. Butt: 29" Shaft:29" Pro taper I believe it is...
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    Looking to buy a cue. $1000

    Looking to by a playing cue. My top spending limit is $1000. I only do wrapless cues. If you have any for sale please pm me or post a pic. Located in Arkansas isn't a must but is a plus. Thank you