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    If you could only play on bar box's in bars would you hang up your cue?

    What a comedian... All wood has grain, typically vertical grain in shafts, horizontal or the crazy burly stuff in butts.
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    What is the reason behind your collection?

    No collection. But I do prefer simplicity. I play a black no wrap Predator P3. It's a heavy cue, and the butt is thicker... The ligest you can make it is 19.1 ounces, so I have it at 19.5 ounces.... But I'm on the fence on weight, so I have a Predator roadline Sneaky Pete that you can...
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    Not The Fanciest Cue In The World, But Is It The Rarest?

    + four ounces for the shaft (typical)... Go ahead, you work out the 20 ounce math now.
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    New P3 This Month

    Blue stripe
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    If you could do almost anything....

    For both playability and resale value... Your kids have to deal with it when you die... Get on the waiting list and get a 9 foot Diamond.
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    Predator P3 Cobalt Coming Soon and Sneaky Pete Rumour

    I've seen the new Predator P3, it's called the Cobalt because it has a blue Stripe on black going down the length of the butt. It will be available in a few weeks. There is also the rumour of a new retro Sneaky Pete roadline cue that will go on sale this summer. The present line of basic...
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    Revo 11.8 Reviews

    I recently switched from the 12.4 Revo to 11.8mm Revo. The 11.8 Revo allows to pricsely apply tips of English to the cue ball, and makes extreme draw shot and top contact on the cue ball easier. Therefore, applying spin is easier. The 11.8 Revo is obviously not as stiff as the 12.9, so...
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    Meucci cues QC thoughts on recent production

    For your price range, a Predator roadline... The four point butts are about $459, add $100 for the 8 point. I'd recommend the uniloc joint, which allows you the most shaft options. A lot has changed in ten years. Almost no new player plays wooden shafts anymore. There has even been a...
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    New P3 This Month

    I've seen the new Predator P3... If you were in the market for a P3, you might want to wait a couple of weeks. 😉
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    Predator Revo 11.8mm and tip problem

    I changed from the 12.4mm Revo to 11.8mm Revo. The shaft weighs 4.2 ounces. The shaft is outstanding, easy to precisely apply tips of English to the cue ball. A smaller tip is easier to get low on the cue ball and apply back spin. I bought two shafts, one as a backup, and thankfully I did...
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    Should the live streamer have stopped filming Billy's match when the verbal back-and-forth began?

    As a pool room owner, you have legal responsibilities... Most importantly, not to over serve patrons.
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    Should the live streamer have stopped filming Billy's match when the verbal back-and-forth began?

    The live streamer comments.... Aka "Just doing my job.". Spoken like a true champion who volunteered for the Stanley Milgram experiments on obedience to authority
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    I bought once..... Incredibly slow... They didn't stock what they posted for sale. I strongly advise not shopping at cue You are better off getting same day shipping from Seybert's or Billiards Warehouse in the States.
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    what cues that you own - Canada only

    PS I'll look it up another time... I have the email for Falcon, they are overseas in Asia now... You can order direct. My first cue was a black Falcon NSF with one of the first Predator wooden low deflection shafts.... Loved it.
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    what cues that you own - Canada only

    Predator P3 Black no wrap With Revo 11.8mm shaft. Break cue: Black Rage Heavy Hitter with custom carbon break shaft and white diamond tip a cue smith made for me. Check out Nick's Cue Innovation on Facebook, he's based out of Calgary. I recently sold my Predator SP2 Curly 2 with 12.4mm...
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    Opinion / buying a cue/shaft in Canada to set budget values

    No cues hold their value, but Predator cues hold their value best... They are #1 in the industry for a reason. I prefer the Predator uniloc joint, which offers the most options in the industry. Some do prefer the radial joint, but it is a subtle difference. Predator will be releasing more of...
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    Case - What is your preference

    You will eventually want a big case. Save up, buy quality once. The JB 4 butt 8 shaft rugged cases are awesome. Soft interiors protect your cues and carbon shafts. I see they go for $240USD. Seybert's has them in stock. They are great to deal with online, and if you set up an account, you...
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    Free Live Stream - Ashton Twins Classic Pro Women's Tour and Amateur Events Jan 2-5 Also check out Cue Sports Live on Facebook January 2 - 5