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    Lets See Your Ned Morris Custom Cues....

    Here we are, 9 years later, and I’m seeing my Ned Morris cue on your old thread! I bought this Ebony cue with the ivory, malachite and silver inlays about 6 weeks ago. It’s still in immaculate condition and is my favorite among my 21 custom cues. I spoke to Ned about it and he has a very...
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    dumping the break cue and feel liberated!!!

    I have 20 playing cues, and they’re all way too expensive for me to be slamming balls on the break with. I use a very inexpensive 22oz McDermott Lucky with a Kamui hard tip, for breaking.
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    I use a dedicated break cue that I went cheap on. Just a 22 oz., $60 McDermott Lucky with a Kamui hard leather tip on it. I’ve been very pleased with it.
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    Anyone else think the inter state ivory ban is dumb?

    Unless you happen to be one who prefers a better hitting cue with an ivory joint and ivory ferrules.