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    It's George Lock/Key Question

    This. A good locksmith should be able to make a key in less than 10 minutes.
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    APA Double Hit Rule

    The ref's job is to make a call after an action is taken not to offer advice before. That would have been her team captain's responsibility if she still had a time out left.
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    Newbie and nerves

    I have anxiety and deal with nerves while playing pool. I mean I don't really deal with it. I'm just sort of along for the ride and it does what it wants. That and my fading eyesight are why I'll never really be good. More than anything, what helps the anxiety is not thinking. Which can be...
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    Another try at getting the yellowing out of old balls

    So I have a slight addiction to 20+ year old plastic of a very specific sort. In that world, some parts are clear. They yellow over time. To restore them, we make something called flex soup. It's hydrogen peroxide (salon care 40), oxy clean, and UV light, most commonly natural sunlight. It will...
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    Full 16 Ball-Tray Slam

    Here's my thoughts on this. If the staff/management doesn't care enough to say something to idiots, the room probably isn't well taken care of to begin with.
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    SvB's shoes.

    I'd complain about the jersey before the shoes. It looks like something that was stolen from a transgender clown.
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    APA (by Google)

    The real problem with APA is there is no reason for a 6 to win games and stay a 6 or even move to 7 when they can sandbag and stay a 5.
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    Moving a Bar Table - Cornerman Style

    I mean compared to some these dinosaurs.. but I'm no spring chicken.
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    Moving a Bar Table - Cornerman Style

    I've never heard 2 wheeler before. We call them hand trucks.
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    Break Cue queries

    I would look for something with a bigger tip than a playing cue. Around 13-14mm. Conical taper instead of pro taper. I haven't tried tons of break tips but I like the white diamond I'm using now. In your budget, I'd start with Schmelke. Or buy a Players jump/break. Edit: I bought my breaker...
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    Online betting -- getting what you asked for?

    Corruption. There was plenty of money in Atlantic City. Unions, the Mafia, politicians, and a particular casino owner took most of it.
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    Here Fatboy, now you have what you want.

    what if it's an upside down 9 ball?
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    Poor Man's Exocet?

    I have always recognized a difference between cheap and inexpensive. It looks like coocoo prefers cheap.
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    Poor Man's Exocet?

    Sorry I'm in idiot and posted in the wrong tab on the wrong forum Doh.
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    Poor Man's Exocet?

    My state just passed a law allowing auto's. Up until now, I've avoided auto's because being arrested isn't good. I'm interested in something along the lines of an Exocet. I could rob my piggy bank and get an Exocet, but I'm not interested in spending that much on a very small knife. So I'm...
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    Best value billiard balls (Aramith Regulation Size Crown Standard)?

    I've been playing with Dynasphere Tungsten at home for almost a year and really like them. I'll probably get the bronze set at some point but the color of the tungsten doesn't bother me. I have 5 sets and the Dynasphere stay on my table. If you want traditional, bronze is the way to go.
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    APA inks deal with Diamond tables

    Do most of the places that host APA in areas other than here have diamond tables? Where I'm at, it's almost all valley tables. I'd say 2 places out of 20 or 25 have diamonds. It seems good for diamond if they can replace some valleys. For players playing on valleys every week, it seems like a...
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    It's not just us sandbagging!

    This isnt the first time something like this has happened. Its probably not the 2nd it's happened either... TD's should be routinely checking all fish weighed in for foreign objects. It's their responsibility to run a event.
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    Do you practice with cue that's not your player?

    I keep the cue I play with in a case. I have a few random cues on a rack. If I'm just shooting a few balls I might grab a Dufferin off the rack. As much as I'd like to say the cue makes a difference, it doesn't really. As long as it's in decent shape and the tip isn't falling off or something, I...
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    How many Cues do you own today

    1 break cue 2 playing cues 1 carbon fiber shaft