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    mezz cue plane

    plane jane mezz cue with brand new predator 314.2 shaft make an offer
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    mezz case

    make me an offer its brand new
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    mezz 3x5 case with a mezz butt and predator shaft

    asking 600 obo 7025449072
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    poolhall in las vegas

    `dose anyone go to vegas or play pool in vegas if so where and what city and state r u in or do u live in neveda any way the best poolhall ive been to ever in vegas is called best billiards and has the best prices and tables and action as well you can even play in a private room as well and...
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    looking for tiger

    a good tiger cue not like theres a bad one but my buddy let me hit with his i think its better then predator and i was seeing if anyone here is maybe selling one and if so how much may i ask any way ill look at all offeres and ill reply asap hope to hear from someone soon and everyone have a...
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    all dark brown 3x3 giuseppe case

    For sale or trade mint condition make me an offer if you like.
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    tiger or pechauer cue

    Looking to get one of these if anyone has one for sale or trade let me know please. I've shot with my buddy,s tiger cue that teaches pros it hits very well his name is lee brett. And I've shot with my good friend max eberle pechauer cue and I loved it so if anyone has one for sale or trade let...
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    mezz cue pro 9

    predator shaft mezz butt must see im taking all offers and considering trades 19.oz normal length kamui black m united joint all birds eye maple butt