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    discount code for horseshoe

    anyone know the discount code to get the rooms for the $125.00/night? i heard they are not offering the 9 day package this year.
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    Rare Ed Young cue for sale

    Ebony with Tiger Maple 5 point with 5 windows and elephant ear wrap. A few chips in the butt and some minor greening on the silver ring...definitely been used, but the hit is super sweet and the feel is phenomenal. Ed works in the company of and was taught to build by the legend, David...
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    Play some?

    Looking to preschedule some "friendly" DCC action. $20 one pocket or $30-$50 9 or 10 ball sets. I'll be up there Tuesday night through Saturday. PM me if you're up for some:D
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    Decent Indianapolis poolrooms??

    Any ideas where a gal who is serious about pool can go play pool in Indy??? Any nice places still left?? I heard Chalkie's has changed alot.
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    Keeping head still

    Anyone have ideas on drills or tips on identifying head movement or ways to ensure head stays still/down while practicing both alone or with a friend??? Thanks much!!!
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    Handling a slump

    It seems that players always seem to know when they are in stroke, but what are some thoughts on the types of things that take us out of stroke...and what's the quickest way to get back "in stroke". Just curious as I seem to have been in a minor slump lately...I'm just not seeing the shot nor...
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    Do you double the bet?

    You're playing a guy for whatever the bet is..$20, $50, $100 a game. You are up 6 games and have been paid after each game. You know the guy is a real good player, but today you're playing good enough to be ahead. You know the guy has more cash to continue playing and he asks you to double the...
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    Greg, what's the deal w/ rooms?

    Last night at about 5pm I tried calling to make the reservations for the Derby. I spoke with a supervisor when the reservation desk said they were all booked Jan 22-30th. I gave the event promotional code and he told me that even if I was willing to pay $1000 per night that no rooms were...
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    Derby City hotel rooms

    I know it's a bit early, but has anyone else heard hotel rooms for the Derby are sold out already??? I heard it from a friend who heard it and it just didn't seem possible. :confused:
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    Action gone bad

    ...So my brother asks me if I wanna go to his bar league championship night. He says everyone in the league is getting paid and there might be some action. So I say ok, figuring it will be nice to spend some time with my bro and play some pool for a while. We get there and the bar is pretty...
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    shinerbock 9-ball Classic tournament cancelled

    Unfortunately, the tournament has been cancelled for this weekend (April 18-19) at Palace Billiards located in Villa Park. There is a good possibility it may be postponed until late May so stay posted for further information. Sorry for any inconvemiece this may present.
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    April 18-19/Shiner Bock 9-ball Classic-Villa Park Il

    Palace Billiards located 160 W. Roosevelt Rd. Villa Park Illinois (630) 941-3500 $1500.00 added money based on 64 player field (House keeps only the green fees) Entry $75.00 + $10.00 Green fee= $85.00 total entry All players on AZ Billiards pro list will go to 8 Double elimination race to...
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    I'm goin' to Vegas!!!

    I'm goin' in mid March and will be looking to play a little bit of pool and find some action. Any suggestions on places to play or new developments in the world of pool out that way?....Check your PM's Fatboy,,, I left one for ya.
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    AZ/1P Room Louie Roberts Award 2009??

    How about a Louie Roberts award for the AZ Billiards room??? The most entertaining/gambling AZ/1P member gets the award and doesn't have to pay for entry into the room in future years...A poster can be created and hung on the wall inside the room showing past winners in future years. Sounds...
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    Frost/Reyes 1p match

    Does anyone know if a DVD every became available of their match they played some time ago? I think it was a challenge match for 10K.
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    Best '09 event and why?

    I get my new vacation block for '09 soon. I'm wondering what members think is the "go to" event of the year and why, besides DDC. I already know the DDC is the place to be in January and already plan to be there. Live long and play strong, -Chicagomike
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    Winter cue storage(In the trunk)

    I'm ready to take the heat for this one, but here goes. Winter in Chicago can be brutal, but I insist on keeping my cue in the trunk of my car. It goes against everything I have ever been told as there are so many bad things that can happen, ie. warping, swelling, and overall damage. I keep...
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    New cue building concept?

    Last night I was out and a cue collector approached me to show me his latest aquisition. It was a nice looking cue, but what was unique was the construction. It was the predator low deflection shaft concept, but the entire cue appeared to be constructed of the pie shaped laminations that are...
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    Is a TAR match in your future?

    All this talk about TAR has got me thinkin' I wonder if I could play for the big cheese like these guys are doin' lately. These guys are all seasoned, weathered, veterans of the road and tournament players. I sure would like to give it a try some day. I know I would have to do alot more...
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    Goin to Vegas, Wanna play?

    I'll be in Vegas with my brother who is playing in a baseball tourney March 8th thru March 10th. As I am more a fan of pool than baseball, in my down time I will be looking to match up with whoever may be interested. I'm a decent short stop player from Chicago and would be looking forward to a...