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    How to track cue ball movement?

    I think it is a little more than just a projection system.
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    How to track cue ball movement?

    I just ran across this. I don't know how they are determining the shot line.
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    How to track cue ball movement?

    You wouldn't need multiple cameras for ball tracking. Multiple cameras would be needed for the shot line stuff because of the 3D aspect of it. And, I think you are making identifying the cue ball a bit more difficult than it needs to be. It's typically the first moving ball that would need to...
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    How to track cue ball movement?

    I am sure they are using OpenCV. It is an open source free library that has a lot of tools and functionality built-in for "computer vision" projects. Here is an example of how easy it is to start building ball tracking app with it.
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    One American in final 16 in Spain

    For those that aren't familiar with him, Nick was interviewed on the Pool Player podcast. After Matchroom announced the ranking points qualifications for the Mosconi Cup team, I heard someone mention that he was going to try to qualify. I think he is trying to play every point earning event...
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    Fedor Gorst v Carlo Biado (Race to 120) 9 ball (Sep 16-18)

    I think it is potting accuracy.
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    It is call pocket. He taps the corner when he is walking back to the table. It was part of his plan when he pushed out.
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    Here is that game, time=1:30:00 if link doesn't work
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    How My YOUTUBE Channel Got HACKED … Don’t Let This Happen to You, With Any Online Accounts

    Looking at the "from" address and hovering over the link are the best things to start with on any emails asking you to click a link or open an attachment when they lead to obvious conclusions that you can ignore and delete the email. But, I don't think hovering over the link is enough to know...
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    What format will be used for this tournament?

    The flyer you listed shows the following website. The site has the following "Rules and Equipment" link. Unfortunately, it isn't more specific to which ball set will be used. Only has "Aramith Belgian Balls"
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    I didn't listen to the stream but they did show a "flyer" for Chua and Shane towards the end of the stream, during one of their breaks between games. Maybe, Chua is unavailable now and Busti is stepping up.
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    It's Shane and Chua next, Sept. 15th - 17th.
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    Van Boening vs Banares in the PI

    I think Johann Chua is next, Sept, 15-17 and Orcollo is Sept. 22-24.
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    Are these fundamentals solid?

    For a current top player, how about Yu Lung Chang?
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    Woman pro just passed away

    There is now a post on AZB's home page. Here is the link:
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    Interesting FB post about FargoRate

    For the players on the "Top 10 or 100" lists, I think they have to have 300 games in the system in the last 2 years. So, Dechaine has been competing some. I think old data is ok since we don't get all games everywhere entered.
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    Won lost record between Efren and Earl?

    I think this is the match you are referring to.
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    Stream table at Asian 9 ball open

    Matchroom isn't the promoter for this event. I think it is Yapp's home room and they are the promoters for the event. Matchroom is letting them use their streaming services and commentators for the event.
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    Shane Van Boening

    Here is the video:
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    What is This?

    Here is a press release from April