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    360 PureCue Stroke trainer Pool version

    Standard American pool tip size, weighs 18.5oz This is a new invention that has just become available on the US market, it is not a gimmick, the cue is designed to bend if you do not have the optimal cueing action. Any undue force applied to the cue will result in the cue bending, the cue points...
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    360 Snooker PureCue Action trainer

    The patented 360 Pure Stroke Action Trainer has been developed by former professional snooker player and the current worlds youngest coach and also the Gravity Cue creator Neil Johnson and is a huge technological breakthrough in cue sports training. The training cue incorporates a specially...
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    For 5555- leminhnam

    Can you contact me at tgwusauk@hotmail.comas ebay has flagged your message will go through paypal with you as requested. Thanks Tommy
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    360 Pool Cue trainer for sale

    The new 360 Purecue Action Stroke Trainer is now available here in the USA. I live in Florida, I have 40 of these new training cues available for sale for the pool version and 5 of the snooker version. This cue will revolutionise your game, it is a must for coaches here in developing their...