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    B Player vs. Pro speed

    I have a general question? What kinda of spot should a pro speed player give to a B rated (APA SL 5 or 6) in order to be a fair game say for a buck a rack without getting slaughtered? ie....Would it be wild 6 and last two, wild 5 out and the breaks.. I ask this because of the vast...
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    A couple of safety drills

    I was wondering can anyone give me a couple of safty drills i noticed lately my games been great until safety play starts then when i loose the battle normally i loose the rack.
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    Deadstroke stories...

    I have 2 of my own. Monday i play apa 8 ball im a sl7. I believe i achieved dead stroke because i broke and ran a 2 pack without remembering the run at all..It was really wierd. Basically i was on autopilot it felt like walking, very natural and fluid. I dont know if im explaining it right maybe...
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    High quality cue vs. Low quality cue?

    Hello, I was wondering if it really matters when shooting with a high or low quality cue? For example I shoot with a players sneaky pete with a Tiger onyx tip and love it but Im wondering if im selling myself short by not having say a Joss, Predator, Or an Ob cue. Do you guys think it makes a...
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    Future cues Temple Texas

    I there AZers that may frequent Future Cues in Temple Texas?:thumbup:
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    Central Texas Sparring Partner

    Hi im looking for a strong sparring partner near Temple Texas. I curently have a buddy i can give the 7 to and win 90 percent of the time. Im a strong 7 weak 8 in the apa 9ball league. I have this burning desire to play in the Texas Open for the first time this year but I have an issue playing...
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    Becoming a better player.

    Hello My name is Poormanintexas. I first picked a pool cue up in 93, and fell in love with the game imdeiately. I practiced for a year and a half for 10 to 14 hours a day, i thought i was good. I played for the next 9 years in various tournaments, never placed in the money. I Played primarily...