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    When AZ goes down, please go to CueChalkBoard

    It seems like every finals, AZ forums go down. For those of us without the feed who are sweating it via updates of the likes of GunnSlinger, it is heartbreaking to get left out of the loop at the end of every major tourny (plus, it'd be great to discuss the results after with people). So when AZ...
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    landon shuffett

    landon shuffett's won his first match on the 1-loss side. not bad for a 12-year old. He's up against JJ next though. Prolly lots of you have seen these. They're pretty amazing. Check him out as a 7-year old: and some other amazing...
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    Any AZers playing this year?

    Just wondering who from AZ (the forum, not the state) is playing in the open this year?
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    Sports Illustrated coverage of IPT

    IPT is getting some mainstream media coverage. Funny how they give Jeanette Lee top billing even thought she isn't in the event.
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    prize money distribution and KOTH

    I believe that the prize money in the current world open is structured in such a way that whoever wins this tourny will be top money winner for the year no matter what. This will guarantee that the winner on Sunday will automatically win a bye into the finals of the next KOTH tourny. Therefore...
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    thorsten's new look

    Did anyone else notice these photos of Hohmann? Something about him looks different. New haircut?
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    2001 Challenge of Champions youtube video

    I'd never seen this before. It's one of the most exciting racks of 9-ball I've ever watched. 2001 Challenge of Champions tiebreaker, Busta and Chao Fong-Pang. And I prefer these commentators to the ESPN commentators we usually get.
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    Go Takami?

    Anyone know anything about Go Takami? He's 6-0 right now and the only one to beat Engert, but I've never heard of him. According to AZ, he won a total of $704 last year (probably doesn't play all that much outside of Asia?).
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    (from the 10-ball thread) I'm surprised to see someone who finds alex to be a bad sport. i think he is one of the most enjoyable people to watch because of all the enthusiasm he brings. Watching the last couple of games he and Keith played on the non-TV table at the US Open a few years ago...
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    Threads of the Year

    As a contrast to the "This forum has turned into boring garbage" thread, I wonder what people's favourite threads have been. I don't have specific threads in mind, but categories. I've really appreciated all the WPC/US Open/IPT play-by-plays, and spend way too much time on my computer hitting...
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    Lucasi Inlays Update

    I received a response about the authenticy of the inlays and exotic woods. (see These people are ridiculous and know nothing about Lucasi cues. Its sounds like they are in high school talking about he said/she...
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    steve davis

    A couple of articles about his play in the UK Championships Steve Davis must overcome a 5-3 deficit against young pretender Ding Junhui if his 100th career final appearance at the Travis Perkins UK Championship is to end in an emotional triumph. The 48-year-old, who has rediscovered his...
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    best shot you've ever seen

    Lots of people talk about Erfen's 2-rail kick against Earl (Doesn't Keith have a shot similar to this, also against Earl?) What are some of the other greatest shots you've ever seen? Here are my choices. Corey vs Mika at 04(?)...
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    advanced to hall of fame round

    So I think the following have advanced: Group 1:Immonen & Deuel Group 2: manalo & archer Group 3: bustamante and vdBerg
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    updates please

    for those of us without access to the bcn, can someone give an update. i read that there are only 8 people left. who are they? who's matching up tonight? any updates are appreciated.
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    Who do you want to win

    Now who do you think will win, but who would you like to see win, and why. Keith, because he's so fun to watch and is so nice to us here. nice to see him win, or repeat his 2003 performance any of the AZ players Rob Brandenburg, because he sometimes plays in the same hall as I do and wins...
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    Buying First Cue

    I'm looking to buy a cue. I am thinking in the $200-$300 range. From what I've gathered, Joss or Lucasi would be good bets. Would you agree? I'm wondering about the price differences between various models in the same series. For example, Joss AJ series: AJ-1 is $270; AJ-6 is $400; AJ-10 is...
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    more V-Cash

    what are the odds we can get more V-Cash before the US Open? I lost most of mine on the WPC.
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    Kenny Chen

    Anyone know anything about Kenny Chen? He the nearest BCA certified instructor to where i live and i'm thinking about trying some lessons from him. He charges $40/hr. is that a average rate?
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    Mike Sigel vs. Loree Jon Jones

    don't know where the earlier threads on this are. anyway, APA has announced the Mike Sigel vs. Loree Jon Jones match on their webpage: Billiard icons and former world champions Mike Sigel and Loree Jon Jones will square-off against each other...