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    hi, is there a used headstock,for hightower lathe out there, someone would like to sell? pm me,thanks nick
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    taper shaper

    hi has any tried,succeeded in installing a chuck to their unique taper shaper? if so can, you post a pic or maybe we can talk about it threw e mail. thanks nick
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    program, to design inlay work

    hi, can anyone direct me to a program i can use to design cues. thanks nick
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    wtb inlay

    hi i m would like buy a used hightower inlay,e mail fishinpoolplayer thanks nick
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    wtb inlay

    hi, i am looking for a used hightower inlay with tooling and templates, thanks
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    :hi has anyone used or delt with kinkda industiers, a china company that sell wood working spindle
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    retractable cue extension

    merry christhmas to all, do any of you cue builders know were i can buy the butt extension that is fitted right in the butt thanks
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    cue labeling

    hi, can anyone tell me how to put their brand name on their cues? what type of ink non bleeding thanks nick
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    uv curing

    hi i m intrested if anyone knows about uv curing systems ? what products do you use ? thanks
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    cnc breeze

    can any cue builders give me some feed back on this machine? do you like it? what limits may it have? is the program easy? is writing your own code difficault? thanks
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    cnc milling

    hi cue maker can you please tell me the advantage from cnc to manual inlay work? and any opinions on the model suppied by brianna the cnc breeze? thanks nick
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    hightower deluxe cue or unique lathe

    hi guys, i ve got the wood and tooled up, except i need that hightower deluxe or a uniques lathe and any other cue building products thanks.