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    16/17 year old girl making first 147

    She was playing with a friend in Bankok, I believe. I have searched for the video but can't find it. Link anyone?
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    Snooker ball rack

    Does anyone have any experience using the kind of rack you see referees use when racking for the world's best players (O'Sullivan et al)? We frequently get inconsistent racking in the league I play in. Does the pink ball go in the rack with the red balls, or is there a pointer at the top of...
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    Snooker Canada rules question

    Question is whether the player has an option when he is snookered after a foul of asking the other player to play again, instead of taking a free ball which the Snooker Canada rules says "occurs". One of my fellow players thinks free ball is a choice and is not prescribed.
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    1/2 cut or 3/4 cut cue

    Is there any reason to favour one over the other?
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    Cue problem

    I play snooker and rarely play anything else unless its with snooker balls on a snooker table (golf, Russian). I made a mistake, I think, and I'm looking for the best solution. I bought a Lucasi Hybrid cue with the slim shaft, thinking I was buying a snooker cue. My mistake for not having...
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    Snooker rules - again

    The only guidance I could find in the rules as to what has to be done with a cue ball which has been potted reads as follows. "Should a cue ball be touched with the tip while "in-hand", i.e. when breaking-off or playing from the "D" after being potted, .....". The issue we were trying to resolve...
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    Snooker rules

    I have read Canadian, US and UK rules without an answer to my question, unless I'm missing it. We play call shots all the time. If a coloured ball, being the object ball or ball on, is not sunk in the pocket identified by the striker but is potted in a different pocket, is this a foul and...