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    Take advantage of my audiophile insanity!

    I need money for my other expensive hobby (high end audio), so here is your chance to get a unique cue, from a great maker, for a killer deal. I have for sale a pernambuco Joey Bautista Merry Widow. Pernambuco is one of the very best hitting woods for a cue. Do a search, and see what Joey...
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    Ned Morris and Joey Bautista Deal

    I need money for my other expensive hobby (high end audio), so here is your chance to get a sweet cue for a killer deal. Joey Bautista merry widow pernambuco with linen wrap Butt weighs 15.6 oz., and the the shaft 3.7 oz. Balance point is 19 1/4". Pin is brass Uniloc radial. Collars are stag...
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    Ned Morris merry widow

    Ned Morris merry widow very nicely figured bocote with leather wrap excellent 9/10 condition. butt: 15.5 oz. bronze 3/8 x10 pin shaft: 3.8 oz. 13 mm Tiger Emerald tip $SOLD Will include second 11.75 mm shaft, if you want it. Same price either way.
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    FS: Unique tulipwood cue and 4x8 soft case

    I've got a nice wrapless tulipwood cue with purpleheart handle I had Schmelke make for me, and they did a great job. The figure in the tulipwood is really nice, and the buttsleeve & forearm are matched up. I sent it to Paul Dayton, and had him replace the original pin with a brass Radial. He...
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    FS: Ned Morris and Paul Dayton

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    Paul Dayton made my dream cue!

    My favorite wood is pernambuco. Early on, I got a Schmelke with a one piece rosewood butt. There was just something special about it (along with the other one pieces I've had since). My dream was a cue with a one piece pernambuco butt. Honestly, I thought it would be impossible to find a...
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    Ned Morris, Paul Dayton and Joey Bautista package deal

    I just got my dream cue, and am looking to reduce my collection to it, and a couple of backups. I am asking $1500 shipped (US) for the following three cues: Ned Morris very nicely figured bocote with leather wrap- butt 15.5 oz. shaft (13 mm) 3.8 oz. Tiger Emerald tip bronze 3/8x10 pin Paul...
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    Pernambuco Joey Bautista with Linen Wrap

    I will most likely regret this, but I am putting my pernambuco Joey up for sale. $550 shipped to continental US. Butt weighs 15.6 oz., and the the shaft 3.7 oz. Balance point is 19 1/4". Pin is brass Uniloc radial. Collars are stag horn. As you can see in the pics, the pernambuco has some...
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    Starkey Wood Pin Conversion Kingwood Thin Shaft

    This experiment started out as a Schmelke that I had made with Kingwood BEM. I then had Chuck Starkey convert it to his wood pin, and make a ferruleless shaft for it. Finally, I had Mike Gulyassy turn the shaft down to 11.6 mm with his SPTX taper. Tip is Kamui Black Soft. The butt weighs 14.5...
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    Has anyone made a one piece butt out of pernambuco?

    Pernambuco is my favorite wood, and a one piece pernambuco butt is kind of my dream cue. Has anyone made one?
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    Beautiful Bubinga Barnhart

    I've got a gorgeous Barnhart merry widow up for sale. The butt is bubinga with really nice figure. It's fiery orange, and almost glows under the light. The wrap is double pressed black linen. It has been my player, and has three small dings at the end of the butt cap. Otherwise, it is in in...
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    Any cuemaker specialize in thin shafts (12 mm or less)?

    I like to play with a thin shaft (11.75 or 12 mm). I see many cues for sale or trade that I'd like to try, but the shafts are usually 13 mm (or somewhere between 12.5 and 13). So, I have to get the shaft turned down, or have a new one made. Is there anyone out there who routinely make cues with...
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    FS Dymondwood Barnhart

    I have a like new wrapless Cory Barnhart with a one piece dymondwood butt for sale. If you aren't familiar with dymondwood , it is made from select veneers and dyed to bring out the figure. It is VERY strong and durable. It has mostly been used for break cues, and is something of a rarity in a...
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    Who makes forward balanced cues?

    I have a preference for forward balanced cues. I define a forward balanced cue as one where the balance point is 19" or more from the end of the butt (assuming a 58" cue). Which makers (custom or production) consistently produce cues with a forward balance?
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    WTT Diamondwood Barnhart

    Started new thread.
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    OB2+ 3/8 x 10 Kamui Black Soft Tip

    I have an OB2+ 3/8 x 10 shaft in excellent (like new) condition. It has a Kamui Black Soft Tip that is nicely broken in, with plenty of meat left on it. SOLD including continental US shipping and PayPal fees.
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    WTB Wrapless Cory Barnhart

    Looking for a wrapless Barnhart. Merry widow would be perfect.
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    Who's got pernambuco?

    Here's my Joey. Playing super sweet!
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    If you could have a plain jane player from any maker...?

    If you could have a plain jane player from any maker, who would it be? No inlays, fancy rings, veneers, or other decorations, just the best basic player they can make. You are not allowed to sell or trade it, you have to keep it and play with it.
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    Looking for 3/8 x 10 Sneaky Pete Shaft(s)

    I'm looking for at least one 3/8 x 10 sneaky pete (no collar) shaft. Joint diameter needs to be .85", or real close. PM me with what you've got.