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    Edmonton Pool scene?

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    Slow player blues.

    So, once a week I play 8-ball with a friend of mine, who is an excruciatingly slow player. Studying the table at length after each shot and staying down on each shot a long time. I try not to let it bother me, but it does, and throws me off my game. I play moderately fast and just want to scream...
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    Perry Weston???

    Picked it up from Cornerstone some time ago. Purpleheart with some type of burle points and joint. 5 colorful veneers razor sharp and dead even.
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    Stained Simonis cloth

    Hi all, Does anyone have any good method for cleaning a beer stain from Simonis 860 cloth? Thanks for your help.
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    Loose shaft thread

    Does anyone have any advice to "tighten" a shafts threads? I have a new cue that the shaft is very loose while screwing onto the pin and needs to be torqued fairly hard to keep from lossening up.
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    New LP Custom with JD Forearm