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    We did smoothest stroke. Now nicest over all game?

    I was just sitting here watching Corey Deuel play Troy Frank and im just amazed at how easy Corey can make the game look sometimes. He stokes the ball so clean and moves it in ways that are mesmerizing to watch. Another of my personal favorites is Marlon Manalo. He also has the ability to pull...
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    Looking for more clips of Jeff De Luna

    I saw him play a little bit and wanted to find more clips of his game. Can anyone help me out with this?
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    Can anyone help me out? What are the advantages of getting low on your cue?

    I was just curious if anyone could give me some insight on some of the advantages of getting lower on your cue vs standing a little higher up. I personally get down low but i have also experimented with playing a little more upright but i found my cueball wasnt nearly as good. Thanks.
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    thoughts on the ebony and ivory pfd manalo played with

    I was just curious what people think of the cue he played with.
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    How good was Toby Sweet and does anyone have stories.

    I have heard a bit about Toby but was wondering if anyone could tell some stories about Tobys speed.
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    would like opinions on manalos speed

    I hear alot of people talk about how great the filipinos are but i dont hear that much about Marlon Manalo. I was just curious if some of the people here would like to share their opinions with me. I have played with him b4 and found him to be an amazing player but wanted to know what other...