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    Super Proud

    Gotta say, this may of been the best Mosconi in my opinion. Huge congrats to the boys I know this was a huge, HUGE confidence/moral booster for them just in general. There are may joining in the celebration that gave them almost no chance but hey such is life. This was a great event from start...
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    Quick question about a scenario

    Ok, is there a standard rule (for the most part) or does this seem like something that has to be discussed pre-match? In a 9 ball game where a ball is part of the spot/handicap lets say you're giving the 7 (:grin-square:), your opponent sees an opportunity to make the hanging 7 ball while...
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    just how good is your memory?

    Ok, who remember the match which I think was a World Cup where the player from said country's had was visibly shaking as he was shooting a fairly big shot and the camera just happen to be right behind him where would has the absolute best view. I only remember the incident and that's it, so I...
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    Let's see your setup (with a twist)

    Ok. So we've seen cues, we've seen rooms but I think we've only "asked" about setups for recording. Now what I'm actually curious about is what type of set up are you running and will it work let's say you wanted to stream it to youtube or facebook. See I don't have a table at home but I have...
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    The action room

    Are there any streams fro the action room or any free live random coverage this year from derby?
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    Quick question

    Heard Orcollo was going to have another big match coming up, I don't know when or with who. Is there a thread or Facebook thing about it or can anyone touch on it if it's true.
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    Hot off the press, I think

    Ok so unfortunately I don't have much (which mean anyway) info about this at the moment, sorry. I got this from someone as a gift just today/last night straight from the source. Now two player from there came out with this and the names given didn't ring a bell at the time, one of the names...
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    What kind of crap is this

    So wait they take down my thread that was meant as a joke WHY? The one about the fake predator BK3 what kind of BS is that? Yes BS, cause it was a JOKE. Does a person really have to specifically put LO (f@#$ing)L at the end of everything in life now to specify a joke, I feel like i'm not mad one...
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    Ok, I have a game for you

    So, how do you like your chances to run 100 balls in 14.1 given ball in hand after every shot? Would you take that bet for $100?
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    Need some help buying a cue

    So i found this sweet deal on a pool cue, I mean hey it's the indian not the arrow right? So what do you guys think...
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    Found One. WPM

    Now it's only one game but i'm sure it a player most would of wanted to see anyway. Shaw vs that guy, World Pool Masters.
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    So How Was Practice?

    I like of a similar thread I've decided to give this a try to see how those "who like myself" have been doing. Maybe you're just getting into the habit or routine of practicing who knows but maybe some would like to share some of the progress they've been having or seek help in a wall they've...
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    What ever happen to it?

    So it crossed my mind a little while ago as i think of a few things to add to my practice. What ever happened to American Rotation? I will admit i don't follow it or look for it so i don't know but i haven't heard or seen anything about it.
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    C players to beginners

    So I would like to hear or start a thread dedicated to lower skilled people to hear what it is that they are struggling with or perhaps interested in learning. I know sometimes it can be tough posting a question "on this forum" without receiving sometimes severe and unwanted criticism so i would...
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    ooooh, now i remember who he isss

    So this is that kid? well heck he's been putting in work for a while now so it's about time he shined.
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    Fooled Ya.

    Ok so i was trying to find a good enough title for this because of the info that is given or the two ways one can look or take this video but the one thing that kept on sticking out was when you first hear about banking, you just can't help but go "guess you've never done that on a diamond" or...
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    We've all been there but feel my pain

    Many know how i feel about pool and thus would know how much not playing or playing bad affects me. Well now thanks to a few factors I have not been able to pick up the cue properly in months and thus not been able to fix a stroke issue i was having that has now manifested into an embarrassing...
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    So Jayson Shaw

    After seeming him come back to win and the manner in which he did against Rodney duplicating his win against a certain someone last year it got me wondering. There is no question he a great player and has really come into his own in the last year BUT is it that or is he just comfortable with...
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    So here's a question

    I know this has come up in topics but i'm not sure it's ever been a topic. Why is it that more (cause i'm not going to say "no") room showing pool on tv like they do other random crap? So room have some 20+ tv with random stuff on them most days, why not run say a youtube video or ustream or...
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    Hey, want to be my doubles partner in the Mosconi?

    Sure! I think that would be awesome Now some will see just by the title of the video, some will need to watch the video (from the second rack) and there will be those who are like "what? I don't see a problem". Well anyway here ya go