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  1. Ltldebbie

    Major Dad

    Hey AZ family, I know this is non pool related but my only 100% brother is leaving for Kuwait at-0900 this am. Nothing top secret, just another soldier serving his country so that I don't have to. He is currently a Major in the Army. He spent over 20 in the Marine Corps but they are...
  2. Ltldebbie

    Where are the reps?

    OK OK I'm sure I've lost it. I will admit it, I'm temporarily retarded. I hope it's temporary. I wanted to give someone a good rep and couldn't find the place to do that with the "new look" Can someone help? I'm usually pretty generous when someone teaches me something, or at least amuses...
  3. Ltldebbie

    Seattle Suburb

    Seattle Suburb--Where to go?? Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I am alive a well in Seattle area. To tell ya the truth with all the traffic last night & taking the 5 to the 405 I'm not really sure where I am, but I'm ready for a game after turkey. I presume I am in Bothel, Lynnwood area. Can't...
  4. Ltldebbie

    Those pesky green dots again

    OK Ok I'll try to some way make this pool related I promise. I finally figured out the little green dots. Thankyou for the support, you know who you are. But unfortuanately I don't. I saw for a minute a couple of lines of message on a dot given out 10-20-07. One had a phone number that I...