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    circa 1980 Palmer Custom

    Thought I would share these pics. Sent to Proficient for restoration.
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    LTB Stitch Rings

    Need 3 sets phenolic with silver or brass 12 index, joint, A, and butt. PM me if you have some you can spare.
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    shaft saw

    I did it. Drove a total of 2200 miles to pick up a cue shaft table saw lathe. works great and runs super quite. happy, happy, joy joy
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    Porper Model B HELP!!!

    I am sure Don with Creative Inventions could help me but Muellers fields all there calls now. My .headstock is within a half a thousands. When I chuck in a pointed dead center to my headstock and one in my tailstock they do not meet perfect. Any ideas on how to get these to line up so I can...
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    Cuesmith Deluxe on Ebay

    Thought I'd post it if someone is looking for one.
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    Adam Pool cue logos

    Anybody have or can make a transfer logo for a 1970's Adam cue? It is that Griffin thing. PM me if you can. thanks!
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    It's George 2x4 Vintage Leather Case

    I just posted it on ebay. PM ME WITH any serious offers.
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    Rare Vintage Gandy RG-1000
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    WTB Toolpost for Cuenique Travel Lathe

    WTB toolpost just PM me with pricing and shipping to 57048.
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    Diamond Tables for Sale

    I have 4 Diamond 31/2x7 foot tables for sale. Buy one or buy all four. $3200 each or all 4 for $12000. Must be picked up in Sioux Falls, SD. PM me for more info. thanks.
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    Diamond Tables for sale

    I have 4- 31/2x7 Diamonds for sale. Will need to be reclothed but are playable now. Includes set of balls and a cue rack. No lights. These are not coin ops. They do have ball returns. About 4 years old. Must be picked up in Sioux Falls, SD. $3200 each or all 4 for $12000. 6zero5-254-790two.
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    table saw shaft tapering machine

    looking to buy one near Sioux Falls, SD
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    looking for some used machinery

    looking to purchase within 2 weeks. would like shaft tapering table saw and a cnc mill. cash and live in south Dakota. PM only
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    CNC programming Needed

    Any one have programs they can share K2CNC with Mach 3 and Bobcad 25. Thanks PM me.
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    porper on craigs
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    hulbert 256

    i picked up some black with white spec hulbert 256 irish linen, what is the going rate for 50 yard spools??
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    CNC Opinion

    Looking to drop some money on a CNC mill/lathe. Would like some feedback on what works well for you...I'm on about a 10k budget. Leaning towards a K2 but some opinions would be nice. Thanks! You can PM me also.
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    $1000 Added Big Nasty Memorial Sioux Falls, SD

    Hoping to have a large turnout for this. Should be a fairly big Calcutta. Shane Van Boening will be attending. 605-254-7902 if you have any questions.
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    "BIG NASTY" Memorial Tourney

    any questions PM me.
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    Link to view some real nice custom cues

    Some gorgeous stuff, check it out.