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    Shaft Questions

    I've been trying to get this one shaft, what I'll call smooth as glass, with no success. It has worked in the past, but not with this shaft. Just a few questions. Does maple shaft wood come in different grades; such as ABC? Do most cue makers use a sealer on their shafts? If so, can you remove...
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    60" cue by Larry Vigus w/ wood pin

    Butt section is one piece of black walnut, black collar. The wood pin is in the shaft section, with black collar. 12.7mm tip. Weight is 18.5 oz. $ 400, plus shipping.
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    Need a Huebler Case for your cue

    I have two. One is a 1x1, The other is a 1x2. The second one has an extra compartment with lid that goes the whole length of the case. PM me if interested.
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    30' Paul Dayton Shaft with Ivory

    $150 If interested PM me.
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    30" Shaft with Ivory by Paul Dayton

    In excellent condition. Rolls straight. Made for a radial pin. 1" ivory ferrul, 1/2" ivory collar. 13/16" dia. on collar. Comes with ivory JP. No pictures. Looks like an other shaft in your collection. $160 shipped.
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    30" Shaft by Paul Dayton with Ivory

    30" shaft by Paul Dayton, with ivory ferrule, collar, and JP. 12.7 mm tip. In excellent condition. Rolls straight. 7/8" Dia. at base of collar. No pictures. They will not help. Looks like any other shaft, you already have.
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    3/5 Instroke Case/ Burgundy

    3/5 Instroke case/ premier series/ color- Burgundy. Used only for storage. $95/ shipped. For a picture, go to Ozone Billiard site. Go to Instroke Cases, it looks like the first case on the page. A 2/2 in black, Premier Series.
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    30" Shaft for Radial Pin with Ivory

    30" shaft for radial pin, made by Paul Dayton. 3.7 oz. in weight. Has ivory collar, and 1" ivory ferrule, with ivory JP. 12.7 mm tip. Have ivory female JP for extra. Shaft rolls straight, and is in excellent condition. $150, shipped.
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    Don's Rack

    Anybody looking to buy a Don's Rack, shoot me a PM. This is the best rack, bar none. Cost $26, plus shipping.
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    Butt section, and maker

    Here's a two part question. How many ways, are there to make a butt section, with two different kinds of wood, with a joint collar, and butt cap? You can keep it simple, such as, screwed, glued, cored, or any combination. Is this the cue maker choice, or might one be better than another? Next...
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    Ivory JP's

    Ivory Jp's for a radial pin.13/16" Dia. Straight sides, with bevel top. Has 2 small cracks on side of female, 2 cracks on top of male. Ivory does crack. No photos. Would not show on female. $100, plus shipping.
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    Looking for a Dons Rack.
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    Vigus Cue: Redwood Burl and Ebony

    Has 3 high and 3 low points. 58 3/8" long. 18.7 oz. in weight. 2 shafts with 12.2 mm tips. PM with email for photos. Asking price $1000, OBO.
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    Virus Cue: Ebony and Redwood Burl

    It's done in the Sneaky Pete style, 3 high and 3 low points. Some of the nicest looking wood I've ever seen. Comes with 2 shafts, and JP's. 58 3/8" long. Butt is 14.92 oz., and the shafts are 3.84, and 3.77 oz's. Tip's are 12mm. PM me with email for pics.
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    Ferall length

    Can any of you cue masters, tell me why, the difference in the length of feralls, has gone from 1" to much less? Does this have any effect on the hit, or is this the way it is with the cues being made today?
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    Andy vs. Simonis

    Your opinions please, on Andy Pro Cloth vs. Simonis 860. Thanks for your help.
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    60" Dayton

    Wrapless Merry Widow. 2 lake wood shafts. Butt section, Bloodwood, Kingwood, Bloodwwod. Matching JP's. 18.7 oz., 12.75 tips. In like new condition. PM with email for pictures. $495
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    How does one get hold of an administer?

    How does one get hold of an administrator? Any help?
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    Tip Longevity

    My basic question is, how long is a tip good for, before you should change it? Does it get hard and brittle over time? I play 5 days a week, for 3 hours a day. There's the guide line. Will it be different if the tip is layered, or one piece of leather? And last, will it be different, if you have...
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    FS Kent Davis

    Butt section of Bois De Rose, and Curly Maple wrap less. One shaft, 12.7 mm 59.25" long. 18.8 oz. weight. Matching J/P's. Test hit only. $500 PM with email for pics.