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    Diamond pro 9' go0d table?

    i LIKE to buy me a diamond pro 9' IS THIS A GOOD TABLE ?
  2. J

    Brunswick gold crown 3 rail nuts broken!what can i do ?

    hello, on my lovely gold crown 3 after fitting the table the guy take to much pressure on the rail bolts and the nuts inside the rail destroyed! what can i do ?
  3. J

    Kevin Varney still in buisness?

    hey, is kevin still making cues ?
  4. J

    wtb perry weston !!!!

    looking for a nice perry weston,make me a offer! thanks
  5. J

    WTB It's geroge 2x4

    hi im looking for a it's george cue case!!please offer all kinds of this cases. my destination is germany !!
  6. J

    wtb laser rack

    hi i like to have a laser rack
  7. J

    bert schrager picture wanted!!

    i'm a big fan of BERT SCHRAGER cues and looking for pics. please post what you have or send it to me.thank you.
  8. J

    wanted x-breaker

    please make me a offer.
  9. J

    FS Bert Schrager shaft

    Bert Schrager shaft, tip 13,8 black collar.90% mint condition $150 or make me a offer!!
  10. J

    my new one!what do u think? who make it?

    thats my new baby it's plays great.all white is ivory!!!:)take care of you Bert!!!!
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    hello guys nice carpet for pool room !! make me a offer !!