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    WTB Predator Revo 12.4 WVP Radial pin

    Looking for a standard 29" or 30" radial Revo 12.4. White vault plate (WVP) preferred but not a deal breaker. Thanks, Jim
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    2 levels

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    Looking for 9' Diamond or Gold Crown

    PM me some pictures and your asking price. I may be interested. Thanks
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    Looking for 9' Diamond or Gold Crown

    I am looking to purchase a 9' Diamond Pro or ProAM table in the Houston, TX area. I would also be interested in any Gold Crowns but would prefer a Diamond. Thanks, JIm
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    LF Sneaky Pete

    As the title says, I am looking for a Sneaky Pete. I would like to stay below spending $450 on the cue. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    WTB Mike Capone cue

    Looking for a Capone with at least two shafts (LD preferred). Please send any pictures to along with asking price. I have cash in hand for the right cue. Thank you, Jim
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    Cue Repair

    I recently moved to Aurora, IL and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to get a shaft repaired. Need a ferrule and tip replaced. If this isn't the right section for this thread please let me know. Thank you,
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    Robert Harris Custom Cue

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    Durbin Cue for sale

    Parting with a few cues. This one is for a very nice Mike Durbin. The cue is a 29/29 split and rolls straight together and apart. I will let the pictures do the talking. Butt weight - 14.1 oz Shaft - 3.8 oz & 12.5 MM Cue has been sold
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    Diamond Professional or Gold Crown

    I moved from Florida to the west suburbs of Chicago and had to sell my Diamond ProAM. My new home has a basement where I will be keeping the table so I am in the market for a 9' Diamond Professional or a Gold Crown in good shape. Please let me know what you have. Thank you, Jim
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    Moving a Diamond ProAm

    Hello fellow AZ'ers I am going to be moving out to state in the next few months and was hoping to get some advice on how to move my 9' Diamond ProAm with me. I am relocating due to work so they are hiring a company to pack and relocate me but I am not sure how comfortable I am with them moving...
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    Durbin & Robert Harris Cue

    I have a Durbin cue with one shaft and will add specs asap. Cue hits a ton and looks pretty good too. Open to offers. Thank you,
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    Trading Cues and Case for RC Truck/Car

    It's been a while since I have posted on here and I usually only keep it pool related but my kids have picked up a new hobby and I have a few cues and a case lying around that I figured I would see if I could trade. I have (2) McDermott D14's and a Instroke 2x4 buffalo case I would like to...
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    FS: Alex Brick, Predator Case, OB1 Shaft, Aramith TV Set and More!

    Hello All, I have a few items up for sale, I will do my best to describe them but feel free to ask any questions. Predator BK2 butt only (I can throw in the shaft but it is broken at the joint), it has a few dings but nothing major. Sold. Alex Brick dymond wood j/b with a white diamond tip in...
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    WTB Predator BK2 Shaft only but interested in full BK2 or BK3 cues

    I had an unfortunate incident tonight where someone bumped into my case that was holding my cues. The case fell over into a bar stool and my BK2 shaft snapped at the joint. I know it is pretty unlikely that I will find just the shaft without buying it new but figured I would give it a try...
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    FS - W1P, OB1 and Fellini Case

    As the title says, I have a Winning One Pocket book by Eddie Robbins, a OB1 shaft and a Fellini Case for sale. The Winning One Pocket is a first edition and in mint condition. Asking $200 shipped The OB1 shaft is 12.5 MM and fits a 3/8 10 joint and currently has a Kamui black soft tip...
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    LTB Joe Bouska J/B

    As the title says, I am looking to buy a Joe Bouska dymondwood jump break cue. If you have one you are willing to part with, please PM me with price. Thanks, Jim
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    WTS Instructional Videos

    I am looking to sell the following DVDs in like new condition. CJ Wiley's TOI (Touch of Inside) DVD - $OLD CJ Wiley's Ultimate Pool Secrets DVD - $OLD John Brumback's Bank Pool -Secrets of a World Champion - $OLD Scott Frost's Power One Pocket - $OLD Dr. Cue's Golden Nuggets of Instruction -...
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    Whatare these made of? Need help Identifying

    I recently went to look at an antique brunswick table that was for sale (circa 1895). The table was falling apart since it had been kept on a back lanai area, the wood was so bad you could break it with your fingers. While I was there I found some accessories that were better taken care of; cue...
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    WTS Break & Run DVD

    I have for sale the Break & Run DVD that came out last year. I paid $99.95 for it when it first came out and have only watched it twice. All 3 disc are in perfect shape and I am asking $55 shipped OBO. Thanks, Jim