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  1. ChesapeakeBlrds

    GC IV Side Pocket Issue

    Grab an allen wrench and move the pocket behind the rail. The little indent is for the pocket, if it doesn't want to go into position it may need to be trimmed a bit.
  2. ChesapeakeBlrds

    Tim Scruggs Turquoise Inlays-1998

    Up for sale is this Scruggs cue it feels like it has never been used it is in excellent condition. sold Can accept Money Order, Cash in person, Paypal or Credit Card. If Paypal please add 3% for fees If Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) please add 2% This is from the sales receipt: Ferrules...
  3. ChesapeakeBlrds

    Older Joss Cue For Sale, Looking for Help Identifying also.

    I recently picked up this Joss cue it is similar to the 1985 Model 6 Joss Cue but has much nicer points than the Model 6. The shaft is a Joss custom so I guess the original shaft may have been replaced. I am taking offers on it as well. Any help would be appreciated. From the pictures you can...
  4. ChesapeakeBlrds

    Anyone ever had a subrail fall off?

    So we are working on an older Imperial table today, and we go to put a feather strip in and the subrail came loose. It break off cleanly from the top rail, it is still somewhat attached, but I have never seen or heard of this. Any ideas on how to re-adhere the subrail to the top rail.