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  1. MisterBanker

    One foot on the floor...

    Watching a snooker match on youtube, Alex Higgins adopts quite the stance at 2:20 in the match to follow that rule. Later at 7:20 he has the referee clean the cue ball so he can get a drag on his cigarette...
  2. MisterBanker

    Buddy Hall haunts

    We're on a trip to St . Louis, anyone know what pool rooms Buddy Hall hung out at in Paducah or Metropolis?
  3. MisterBanker

    TN poolrooms with a billiard table?

    Does anyone know of any?
  4. MisterBanker

    Make a cue case out of the snake...

    MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A Maryville man was arrested Thursday for threatening people with a snake, according to police. Kennon Trey Fitzgerald, 22, was charged with public intoxication after police said they responded to a report of a man threatening people with a snake at Maryville Billiards...
  5. MisterBanker

    Charleston S.C. poolrooms?

    My lovely wife has decided that we're going to Charleston on vacation this year. Can anyone give me the lowdown on the best poolrooms in the city?
  6. MisterBanker

    Judd Trump with a nice 140
  7. MisterBanker

    Poolrooms in Evansville, Indiana?

    anyone know of any and which is the best?
  8. MisterBanker

    Interference question?

    Playing 8-ball tonight with my girlfriend, I was shooting my last stripe prior to the 8 ball. When I was in the act of shooting she hit the butt end of my cue, I still made the stripe but the cue ball struck the 8 ball and pocketed it as well. Would that be loss of game on my part or would the...
  9. MisterBanker

    Straight Pool on ESPN

    Cicero Murphy vs. Lassiter...
  10. MisterBanker

    Pool table abuse

    Over the weekend a friend of my girlfriend wanted us to go with her to sing karaoke. We got to the bar and there was a Valley barbox right beside the "stage/dancefloor". We sat down and I thought that I would play a few games to help ease the misery of the evening. Didn't happen, after about...
  11. MisterBanker

    Orlando pool rooms?

    I'm on vacation down here and am wondering where any good pool rooms are. Can anyone reccommend one?
  12. MisterBanker

    Pool advice in Esquire?

    33. Hit a jump shot in pool. It's not something you use a lot, but when you hit a jump shot, it marks you as a player and briefly impresses women. Make the angle of your cue steeper, aim for the bottommost fraction of the ball, and drive the cue smoothly six inches past the contact point, making...
  13. MisterBanker

    Shelti Barboxes?

    Went to a bar that I'd never been to before and they had a Shelti 7 foot. I'd never heard of the brand much less played on one before, but it was a fantastic playing table, played way better than any Dynamo and most all Valleys that I've played on.
  14. MisterBanker

    Bobby Pickle & Johnny Archer-May 30

    From a post at Southern Billiards: Johnny will be in Cookeville Wednesday, May 30 to play Bobby a heads up tournament. "Winner takes home 20,000." - Pickle $20 DOOR FEE...
  15. MisterBanker

    '07 DCC DVDs

    If anyone has ordered them from Accu-stats, have they arrived yet?