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  1. Mike Mertins

    Diveney and 2 awesome Josey's

    I have a Diveney and 2 Josey's for sale. The Diveney is 1 yr. old and needs a new tip and a shaft cleaning. weighs about 18.5 with 1, 13 mm shaft I am asking $575 shipped #1 IN PICS. Both Joseys' are brand new and test hit. The first Josey pictured as #2 is $565 shipped and I can send better...
  2. Mike Mertins

    )()(_monster josey fs._)()(

    One of the coolest looking Josey cues I have ever seen. I am selling this for a friend who just got it a couple of months ago. Super dark ebony inlaid with 8 ivory points and turquoise.Ringtail Lizard Wrap. Everything white on this cue is Ivory. The cue is in perfect condition and rolls straight...
  3. Mike Mertins

    <><>Predator Package<><>

    I have a 4 Point Predator Sneaky with a SS joint. The shaft has a slight wobble to it but not bad and it does not affect play it still plays true. That statement was made by Jim Barkley when he looked at it. I also have an Action J/B and a 2X2 Case for sale as a package. Any of these items can...
  4. Mike Mertins

    WTS/WTT Wrapless OB-1 Cue

    My friend would like to get $350/ shipped for this cue, or a trade for a custom sneaky with a predator shaft, or a predator sneaky in like condition. This cue has been played lightly for about a month and has some light blueing on the shaft. Everyting is straight together and apart. It ways...
  5. Mike Mertins

    mosconi ring game

    I think the players that want to be involved in "the cup" should play a ring game, at $1,000 a man. The winner is the one that should go. The players are normally picked by there B.C.A. points, so the last player standing should earn his spot by "points". In other words he should win his right...