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  1. ArizonaPete

    I'm Back

    I've been recovering over the past 2 years and finally able to visit the Forum. I still can't play - can't walk, but my interest in pool has returned. Just a quick hello for now...
  2. ArizonaPete

    7"x10" Harbor Freight Mini-Lathe

    The whole works is for sale. Lathe, fixtures to hold shafts or 1 piece cue, diamond cutters, collets, tips, tip centralizer, etc. $200. Located in Palm Springs. Won't ship so I need someone that lives nearby. Perfect condition.
  3. ArizonaPete

    Arkansas Burgers

    I read the following write-up in an article named "Best Burgers by State": ARKANSAS: Voted one of Esquire's Best Bars in America, Little Rock's Midtown Billiards has the best drunk food, too. The standard Midtown burger comes with your choice of sharp cheddar or zippy pepper jack cheese, but if...
  4. ArizonaPete

    Discontinued Cue Questions

    I shoot with a Schon CX-06 which is a discontinued cue. In my opinion it's one of the nicest cues in the CX series so why would Schon decide to discontinue it? Does being discontinued affect the selling price of the cue? Any thoughts on the value of the cue - it's pristine but I did have a...
  5. ArizonaPete

    Opinion: Effect of rack on breaking.

    A buddy of mine played some 8 ball this morning. We both live in an over 55 community and we're both about equal in playing skill. Most usually either he or I will win the monthly 8 ball Tournament. We play on either of 2 nine-foot Gandy G tables. The rack that is used is plastic from...
  6. ArizonaPete

    Strickland/Reyes Match

    I'd appreciate an update on the match. Last heard was that Earl was ahead in 8 ball.
  7. ArizonaPete

    Fiber TIp Pad Question

    I like the look of a red fiber tip pad between the cue tip and the ferrule. I've considered installing one on my next tip change but a question is nagging me. Would it affect performance (it's very light so it may not induce more deflection)? Anything I should worry about if I decide to...
  8. ArizonaPete

    Pool on TV

    There hasn't been a televised TV match on ESPN for quite a while now. Any information why and will their be any future matches televised? Are low ratings the reason?
  9. ArizonaPete

    Outdoor Table

    Since I don't have room for a pool table, I've installed a Global bar table on my patio. New Ridgeback rails and Simonis 860R cloth. Plays great. Only problem during the past month or so it's been kind of cool to play outside. But recently we've been enjoying some great weather in the high...
  10. ArizonaPete

    Decal Removal

    I have an old Cuetec cue with decals. I'd like to do some experimenting with it. Is there a way I can remove the decals without destroying the finish?
  11. ArizonaPete

    Indexable Cutter Bit

    Just bought a set of indexable cutter bits from Harbor Freight for $25. I have a 7x10 Harbor Freight mini lathe I picked up in a garage sale for $75. I used one bit to resurface the ferrule face and to trim a soft UltraSkin layered tip from Tom Hays. Really did an excellent job and I'm very...
  12. ArizonaPete

    Indexable Cutting Bits

    I recently purchased a set of indexable carbide cutting bits primarily to for use in replacing tips and truing ferrules. I've used the AR a couple of times and it does a great job in truing a ferrule and trimming the edge of a new tip. The set includes an AR, AL, BR, BL, and E. What would...
  13. ArizonaPete

    Removing Linen Wrap

    Any advice or tips on removing Irish linen wrap would be greatly appreciated. Ditto for sanding/cleaning the wrap area. I'll be trying to install a cork wrap for the first time.
  14. ArizonaPete

    Linen Wrap Thickness

    What is the thickness of a layer of Irish Linen wrap? The reason I'm asking is because I'm thinking of replacing the Linen wrap with either cork or leather.
  15. ArizonaPete

    WTB 3/8x10 Tap

    Anyone have an extra 3/8x10 tap they're not using?
  16. ArizonaPete

    Ned Morris

    Does anyone know what happened to Ned Morris? His telephone number has been disconnected and his website is no longer in operation.
  17. ArizonaPete

    Earl Strickland News

    Earl Strickland is my favorite player. I could watch him play all day. Perfect stroke, amazing shot-maker, excellent position player, and he does it ever so quickly. He has given me many hours of enjoyment watching his videos. I haven't heard any news about what Earl is doing in quite a...
  18. ArizonaPete

    Mosconi Cup Status

    Haven't heard too much about the Mosconi Cup lately. Any new information?
  19. ArizonaPete

    Wrap Advice

    I'm looking for some advice on how to apply a leather wrap. I'm not in the business and I'm not looking to be - I would just like to try my hand at it. I've been doing my own tips for years and built a shaft spinner (electric drill and cane tip) based on info read on this Forum. I was lucky...
  20. ArizonaPete

    Test Flame Cue

    Flame Cue: