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  1. infest

    Am I over reacting?

    We have a local tourny that has a break pot. The guy that runs the tournament decided to do 3 draws for the break pot (then told the other players not the tell anyone)... There were only five people. The guy running the break pot was also one of them in the drawing. Is this not completely...
  2. infest

    Playing shaft for a Players Pure-x jump break?

    Is it posslibe to get a playing what for that stick? One that isn't custom made?
  3. infest

    Any Info on this Viking Cue?

    A buddy of mine bought this. He was just wondering if there is any value to it and what model it is. The shaft looks like a standard maple shaft. Don't have pictures of it. But what is the butt made of? Thanks.
  4. infest

    Sellers charging paypal/credit card fees. Your opinion?

    This drives me nuts. I run a liquor store. If I were to tell all of my customers they had to pay my credit card fees for me. They'd go elsewhere. I think it's tacky. The way I see it is. If you want to run a business you have to realize you are going to have 2 pay money to make money. Yes I...
  5. infest

    Predator Brunswick cue value

    I have the opportunity to buy a cue just like this one and this one. It is numbered 113 of 165. Can any one tell me what it's worth? The guy that owns it is asking $600 for it. It is in mint condition.
  6. infest

    1950 Brunswick Aniversary 8ft

    This is not my table. But it is for sale super cheap. Just wanted to let you guys know. It is a refinished table as well. The former owner was a woodworker buy trade. I wanted to buy this but it wasn't the size i wanted. $1500 is a steal imo. I don't know the lady I just know a good deal :p...
  7. infest

    Charcoal Diamond Professional

    I was interested in buying a Diamond table. Talked to Paul at Diamond on the phone yesterday. Super nice guy. Anyways I was curious about the Charcoal profesionals. But not sure if I will like the looks of it. Can those of you that own one post pictures of it? Thanks in advance.
  8. infest

    Why do people play better with a buzz?

    I've heard it a million times. "I play better with at little buzz." Why is that? Because it's the same for me. When I get a little buzz I play a lot better. But there's that small grey area. Too much and I suck. None I'm ok. With that said. What make people play better with a little buzz?
  9. infest

    Gabriels Pool Tables

    I've never even seen one in person and just found out about them today. I am quite curious about them though. How well do they play? How do they compare to Diamond, Brunswick, and Olhousen? The specs that I gathered are that they are 1.18 inch 3 piece slate. Have shimless leveling (10 point...
  10. infest

    Does eye dominance matter?

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. Should that have an effect on my aiming capabilities?
  11. infest

    What qualities or defects should I look for when buying a used table?

    I'm going next week to look at a table that's for sale. It's a refinished 1950 Brunswick Anniversary. So what should I look for as far as defects or qualities? I'm a first time buyer so I honestly don't know what to look for.
  12. infest

    Low deflection cues for a beginner?

    So I've played pool for a long time. I started when I was young but quit for a long time. Just started back playing recently. But I'm still learning when/how to use english. Would a low deflection shaft be beneficial for me or would I be wasting my money?
  13. infest

    Hustling Stories

    There was a thread earlier where some folks started telling some hustling stories. I read them all and really enjoyed them. Tell me more please. :)