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  1. wawacue

    Cue for wife

    gonna be honest with you and blunt, if money is no issue than you should invest a good cue for her and when she decide to quit you can use it as your own.. exmple of good cue: Mobley, Searing, Franklin SW, Kersenbrock, Hercek...........etc.... you know what that mean.....
  2. wawacue

    Question to how to upload pic

    Haven’t been here in a very long time. Seems everything has changed In here. Just try to upload some pic the old way but it seems not working For me at all. Can someone please give me some direction to how to upload pic From my iPhone photo gallery. Thanks in advance !!!
  3. wawacue

    Couple of new Mobley's

    Here couple of new Mobley B/J cue. These pic's don't do the cue any justices. These looks a lot better in person than pic's. I believe this batch of new B/J are the fancier comparing to the older B/J such as Grandpas Mule, Brumhandl....etc. To Jive, please post some better pic's of cue number 3...
  4. wawacue

    What is the most expensive J/B cue you willing to own?

    sorry everyone, never mind my question. Moderator please delete this post.
  5. wawacue

    The Plain Jane TWINS are arriving

    Hickory Burl Twins By Barenbrugge En-Route ;)Before I post the pic's of my recent twins en-route I would like to say a big thank you to Eric Crisp & Dave Barenbrugge. To Eric, I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful wood you have given me for my many projects, I can't thank you...
  6. wawacue

    Please Post some 2012-2013 Murrell

    As the title say, please show some K. Murrell cue that was finished or delivered on 2012-2013. Would love to see what out there. Thanks !!!! Happy New Years to you All.
  7. wawacue

    Special Thanks to Eric Crisp

    On this Christmas holiday I want to give a very special thanks to Sugartree " Eric Crisp ". Just received this cue yesterday as a Christmas present from Eric & the Crisp family thank you very much for such a great present !! Just speechless when I received this cue with Eric letting me know this...
  8. wawacue

    Looking for a Ed Young sister cue

    Hi everyone Not sure if anyone here can help but I am searching for a certain Ed Young cue that was build for Dean Andrews collection ( ) is the sister cue. I already own the full curly maple cue, I been searching around for years for the bird eyes cue. So, if anyone know where...
  9. wawacue

    need contact info

    does anyone have Eric@Sugartree contact number ? please let me know & thank you
  10. wawacue

    8 point brazilian rosewood into BEM Murrell with lots of Ivory

    here a really nice Murrell with 3 shaft with lots of Ivory inlays, price $2000 if you need more details, feel free to PM me.
  11. wawacue

    Ebony on Ebony 12 point Carmeli

    here a 99% condition & beautiful 12 point Carmeli for sale. price $2000 if you need more details on the cue, please PM me.
  12. wawacue

    Murrel cue at raffle

    hello all I am putting up a Kenny Murrell up for raffle, if anyone is interested please post your spot on the raffle section. I will checking in every other days to check for new spot posted & update
  13. wawacue

    Murrell Cue up for raffle

    *** delete ***
  14. wawacue

    Southwest cue wanted

    hi all I am looking for whole bunch of Southwest cue but with certain serial numbers on the pin. 1.) searching for southwest cue with serial# 347, 318 & 333 from 1993-1999 only those year. one from each year. if anyone here have those cue or cue's that would like to sell it please pm me the...
  15. wawacue

    RC3 for sale

    sappelle RC3 dancing wing for sale. all white is Ivory. please make an offer & pm for more details. ** SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY **
  16. wawacue

    PH Tim Scruggs F/S

    here a Purpleheart TS with Ivory hoppe ring for sale. cue has been **SOLD**
  17. wawacue

    McWorter F/S

    ebony, Ivory, pink ivory & amboyna burl McWorter F/S. ** CUE BEEN SOLD LOCALLY **
  18. wawacue

    Kenny Murrell F/S

    Kenny Murrell for F/S. all white is Ivory except the buttcap. $ 1800 shipped
  19. wawacue

    Southwest style Carmeli cue

    here a southwest style Carmeli F/S. cue is SOLD
  20. wawacue

    AE cue F/S

    here a AE cue F/S all white is Ivory. $ 1000 shipped. pm for more details