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  1. s'portplayer

    Wanted Diviney Butterfly

    Looking for a Diviney Butterfly..... Show me what ya have.
  2. s'portplayer

    Wanted Diviney Butterfly

    Moved to wanted section.
  3. s'portplayer

    Ob chalk

    Is anxious to hear review of the new OB chalk. Anyone with inside knowledge, feel free to chime in.
  4. s'portplayer

    Butterfly case reviews

    Looking for a butterfly case and was hoping for some recommendations on which one you like and why.
  5. s'portplayer

    Wanted: Taylor cues

    Anyone have a Kent Taylor cue for sale?
  6. s'portplayer

    Wanted: pool table that doubles as a dining room table

    Gang, helping out a friend, who's looking for a combo table that can be converted from pool into a dining room table as needed.
  7. s'portplayer

    Someone welcome me to Oklahoma City

    Gang, I relocated to OKC from Shreveport, La, a week ago. Anyone care to recommend places to play? I am living close to the Slick Willie's on NW Expressway, if anyone cares to meet me there and play some. Thanks for any help.
  8. s'portplayer

    Wheeler Hoppe

    Gang, just picked up this new Hoppe from Mike Wheeler....Enjoy
  9. s'portplayer

    Wheeler price check

    Gang, I've got a lead on a Hoppe made by Mike Wheeler.....Any idea what his cues are valued at these days?
  10. s'portplayer

    Metal Lathe FS - Craigslist

    Just thought some of you would be interested in this "tiny" lathe......Should be able to do some fine tapers on it, doncha think?
  11. s'portplayer

    8' Brunswick in Kilgore, Tx

    Gang, I ran across this ad on Craigslist for an 8' Brunswick table....Claims he still has the clay balls. Might be a good buy for someone.
  12. s'portplayer

    Little Rock and Texarkana Players

    Gang, I'll be in Little Rock for the next two weeks and am looking for some recommendations on where to play. Also, I'll be relocating to Texarkana around mid-June or so. I've already been told about Shooter's and look forward to meeting some AZ'ers there as well. Thanks for the help.
  13. s'portplayer

    Matches 2011 SBE

    Gang, I just ran across this video of Parica and Strickland playing at this years SBE. There were a host of other matches, that came up with this search. ' Hope you enjoy them.
  14. s'portplayer

    Funny Dippy video
  15. s'portplayer

    Just check this video out

    I'm trying to devise a catchy line to say about this video, but my mind is, cough cough, going blank for some reason.
  16. s'portplayer

    Let's keep it G-rated...

    Wellllll.... PG-13 will probably be alright. Follow this link,, to see a trio of heart breakers.
  17. s'portplayer

    Efren - vs- Griffs

    Who is Roger Griffs?
  18. s'portplayer

    Happy holidays

    I probably won't be around much tomorrow and definitely won't be around next week, so I wanted to wish everyone a fabulous weekend and a great Labor Day. I'm spending all of next week in Eureka Springs, AR in a tree house, lol. There's several parks in Arkansas, that have constructed cabins...
  19. s'portplayer

    Archer's Grip

    Gang, just thought some of you would like to see a good image of Johnny Archer's grip. That gap between his hand and the top of the cue, just jumped out at me as a great mental image to have, especially for those who have trouble with a tight grip...
  20. s'portplayer

    Trigger's Blog

    Gang, just thought I would show Trigger some luv and ask the supportive AZ community to check out her latest Blog entry. It's a very interesting story about her latest match. Check it out at