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  1. Cajunette

    WTB John Barton "elephant print" case

    On 3/13/10 I tried to win a "elephant print" case made by John. I haven't seen one like it again. I have tried to AZ message John and emailed him from his web site, but no replies. I even tried to AZ message the winner of the case to no avail. I love the look of the case and would like one...
  2. Cajunette

    Robley up next

    Robley and Brandon Shuff are next up on the stream table final 4 in the white diamonds big tournament. Chip Compton and Joey Gray are the other winners. Heard there was close to 47K in the tournament/calcutta money. Big Truck streaming it now. Robley (the AZ horse) up next on the stream table.