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  1. peterskw

    Paul Drexler Inducted into the International Cuemakers Hall Of Fame 2020

    Congrats Paul!! It's about time!
  2. peterskw

    Got a JackPot cue from Dean!!

    Love this cue!! It plays great--has a wonderful hit and the cueball action is fantastic! I can't thank Dean enough for this super player!! Here's some pics and another review-- I've included pics (not mine b/c I'm like Dean, not good at...
  3. peterskw

    Any good team Tournaments?

    We have a team in USAPL--Fargo ratings. We went to the National USAPL Championships last year and hope to go again. Are there any other big team tournaments that we can enter? I think Valley forge is only for TAP. Thanks, KP
  4. peterskw

    Pics posted for Dean's For sale Thread

    Pics for Dean's cues--not something you see everyday!! LOL!! KP Right here:
  5. peterskw

    Tim Scruggs with Caps by Alton

    I've had this cue for a few years and I don't think I've ever posted pics. I think these are my favorite Cue Caps by Alton--he captured the essence of the cue!! Thanks to Billiards Bill (Lister) for this amazing cue!! KP
  6. peterskw

    Shaftwood--How much is unusable?

    I saw a thread once (and can't find it now) that a cuemaker only used about 20% of the shaftwood that they bought--the rest did not meet their standards. I can't even remember the cuemaker. I wonder how many cuemakers have this high standard? Or maybe most of the shaftwood bought is high...
  7. peterskw

    Is anyone making Masse cues?

    Looking to get a masse cue. Thanks, KP
  8. peterskw

    PDF and Deanoc-Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote

    Amazing work by the Drexler's from Dean's idea. Hard to photograph as the figures wrap around the cue. KP
  9. peterskw

    New to me Hercek; Alton's Cue Caps

    I think this is incredible work by both men!! KP
  10. peterskw

    New Cue Caps from Alton!!

    This is from Alton: "DeCola - Disintegrating Cue This is Dan DeCola's version of the famous pair of Disintegrating Cues, originalliy created by the great Thomas Wayne... Cool X inlay Joint Rings, a la Bill Stroud... The Owner pointed out the Disintegrating Pool Table on the Butt Sleeve. Clever...
  11. peterskw

    Carmeli Cue Caps by the maestro Alton

    Cue Caps for my Carmeli. What a magnificent set. Thanks Alton!!! Amazing work.
  12. peterskw

    SouthWest Prototype Reflection#2

    Brand new cue from the legendary SW shop. The veneers alternate by point--white-green on one point, then green-white on the next. Thanks to the legendary Dean Campbell and Laurie Franklin for making this cue available to me. It's the first SW I've ever touched. Love the hit, the finish, the...
  13. peterskw

    Carmeli Question

    Really about his shafts. Looking at even his most exotic cues--those loaded with ivory--most that I see for sale have LBM ferrules. Is that standard for him? Does he use ivory ferrules very often? I know that I read that he no longer uses ivory b/c of the ban, but I'm talking about his cues...
  14. peterskw

    Arthur Box Queue

    This is one of my favorite cues. I've had it for awhile and just didn't get around to posting pics. Thanks to Quality Cues for the cue and thanks to Alton for the free caps!! If I remember correctly, the wood is impregnated Zebra wood. KP
  15. peterskw

    LTB Ron Vitello 90-90 Aiming DVD

    LTB Ron Vitello 90-90 Aiming DVD, I really like this DVD and when my computer crashed, I forgot the DVD was in the drive and I threw out the old computer :mad: I tried this in the wanted section and got no response. So, for something for sale--I have a rare, collectible Jeff Eason cue that I...
  16. peterskw

    LTB Ron Vitello 90-90 Aiming DVD

    Looking to buy this DVD. His website says he is not able to take payments. Looking for one new or used. Thanks, Ken
  17. peterskw

    Pete Tonkin 15th Anniversary Cue

    Pete's work is incredible!!!! KP
  18. peterskw

    Cat and Mouse cue by Paul Drexler (PFD)

    Amazing detail in this cue that was a collaboration between Paul and Dean (deanoc). My camera is not good enough to pick-up all the amazing work. And, just like you'd expect from Paul Drexler, this cue plays wonderful!!! Dean has one just like it available. Come get the cheese, baby!!!