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    looking for this cue

    I know its a shot in the dark but im looking for this cue...its an annie o sneaky. Any info would help thanks.
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    wtb jerry -r- sneaky

    Hello all, this worked so well the first time figured I'd try again. The Jerry -R- cue I'm looking for was a plain full spliced sneaky with an ss half joint. It was originally sold by poolplyr1111. I was to late to pull the trigger and I doubt the buyer wants to sale. Had to take a stab at it...
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    wtb deano cue and brian bonner case

    Hello everyone. Well, the title says I'm looking for a deano cue. Preferably one with two shafts and vaneers. I'm also looking for a nittany leather, envelope cue case made by Brian Bonner. Any size, any color. I had one but it was recently stolen. Lets see what you got please let me know a ball...