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    Old Billiard Business Cards

    I like the McDermott card. cool finds
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    Good lord man lol
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    To those who are starting their journey in cue making ...

    Champeau's AA grade shaft dowels are now $11.65 each. With a minimum order of 110, and lead times are out to april as of today.
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    CNC's for cuemakers

    Joe, I haven't decided 100% on where i will get those items (still shopping) . Both x and y are setup for Nema34s and the z will be a 23. Decided on a control board instead of using mach3/4. heres that link for reference
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    CNC's for cuemakers

    pretty sure everyone knows my story with george lol. Cary at dark horse cues offered his help getting the rest of the parts made for the frame. After those arrive, its on to z axis and tons of electronics.
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    He went AWOL on orders taken over the last couple years. took me over a year to get most of my items. I had to force him to give me the prints for the gantry plates and motor mounts. They are currently being done over at dark horse cues. George built a great machine, but getting him to follow...
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    WTT/S Large Mcdermott cue items collection for lathe

    That is actually just the butt sleeve pieces. Not the full cue.
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    WTT/S Large Mcdermott cue items collection for lathe

    Feel free to PM me. Lots of things on this list still available.
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    ✦◊✦ Two Ultra-Fancy BHQ Butterfly Cues ✦◊✦

    good lord its been almost 5 years since i grabbed this.
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    WTT/S Large Mcdermott cue items collection for lathe

    Splitting up Large Mcdermott memorabilia collection with 3 cues I AM STARTING TO SPLIT THIS UP!!!!!!!!! ANYONE WHO SHOWED INTEREST HAS ALREADY BEEN NOTIFIED. ALL PRICES ARE FOR *EACH ITEM, UNLESS NOTED AS A PAIR, SET ETC. After spending almost 2 decades putting this together, its time to move...
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    Unique Large and small bore chucks

    Delete.......................... .............................................................
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    Will buy a package like this

    Just so everyone knows im looking for a deal like this. have cash if within a 8 hr drive or so, longer depending on the deal. seems that every time i see one on here i end up missing it some way or another. Or cant get a response.
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    Email for Hall of fame billiards in Brooklyn, NY?

    I know they have a phone number, but was wondering if anyone here might know an email address for the owners?
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    Alternative to Xzero CNC routers

    I'm still looking into these. I wanted to post this link here for other makers that was considering getting into CNC. Techno-Isel Machines. I know a couple cue makers using these setups currently. Just FYI.
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    Looking for Xzero CNC

    Anyone have or know of someone that has one for sale? nothing small, I'm looking for the one like Bob (DZ cues) has. I believe is a predator but unsure of actual size. I was looking at the new ones but i cant get response or clarified information on availability to make a decision. So figured...
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    Any luck with InMotion cnc (xzero) responses, information?

    Given that the company has changed names it seams, or in partner with? I know their facebook page is still xzero. Has anyone here had any issue getting information? I sent them an email, but still no response as of this morning. Their website does not even list prices, and limited, now, to only...
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    Mcdermott Memorabilia, Cue maker business cards?

    Just like the title says. I'm always looking for Mcdermott items (not cues). the older the better. MR (A) series brochure old price list old key chains photos nick nacks patches stickers clothing items posters (vintage tournament as well), advertising Also, Like the title says, Cue maker...