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  1. DawgAndy

    Sold 1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    Sale pending....
  2. DawgAndy

    Sold 1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    Tying up loose ends. Any interest?
  3. DawgAndy

    Sold 1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    no interest? will listen to reasonable offers. the only trade I'd be interested in would be for a mandolin of the same value
  4. DawgAndy

    Sold 1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    price drop down to 1500 PP FF or add 4%.
  5. DawgAndy

    Sold 1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    Dave made this cue for me in way back in 2007. It's from a Schmelke blank. Barbells are ebony, natural material on the joint protector and on the 3/8x11 pin tip. Ferrules are not, I don't remember what Dave was using then for ferrules. Tiger shaft included as well. Shafts are 12.75 and 13 not...
  6. DawgAndy

    ~>~>~> Cues wanted <~<~<~

    Mine either, i'll try again after the holidays
  7. DawgAndy

    cork wrap from RAT

    just got this back from Ryan, love me a D series with a cork wrap.
  8. DawgAndy

    Jacoby Black & Schmelke
  9. DawgAndy

    Schmelke and Jacoby black

    moved to ebay,,,,,,
  10. DawgAndy

    Carbon fiber adapter

    i have a CF adapter that goes from 3/8x10 male to 3/8x11 female. A little over 2 inches long, .840 at both ends. made by Newsherrifintown here on AZ. i paid 100 selling it for paypal friends and family 75 shipped. Going back to maple Andy
  11. DawgAndy

    wanted McDermott D1-D5

    I'm looking for any of the D1 through D5 cues, decent shape. Nothing stained please. Preferably not a d4 but i will consider it just depending. Thanks Andy
  12. DawgAndy

    extension question

    I just picked up a Carbon fiber shaft that is 3/8x10. Has anyone made or seen an extension that has 3/8x10 male pin and tapped for 3/8x11 female? Like 3 inches or so? I'd sure like to try the shaft on a few other cues i have. Andy
  13. DawgAndy

    extension question

    moved thread sorry
  14. DawgAndy

    shaft for McDermott

    found one. Thanks guys Andy
  15. DawgAndy

    new player

    Just got this one in today . The handle is Bolivian Rosewood but he's not sure of the forearm, thought it was bubinga but not sure now, anyway, looks great and is just what I was after
  16. DawgAndy

    ferrule-less 3/8x11

    sold, thanks for looking
  17. DawgAndy

    Morris Plain Jane

    sold, nice cue for the money
  18. DawgAndy

    tiger x pro 3/8x11

    picked up this shaft from a member earlier this summer and have decided not to use it on the project. Factory tapped for standard 3/8x11 black collar. Chalked for a test hit, like new. 180.00 paypal shipped in the US. Andy
  19. DawgAndy

    Ned morris done..didn't sell
  20. DawgAndy

    no interior gtf

    sold for the BINP. Thanks