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  1. jtrombetta

    Pool is struggling

    Pool in general is really struggling right now but they are not the only ones. Professional golf and even the NFL are having attendance issues. Golf is losing tournament sponserships that have been in place for decades. Unfortunately people can't spend thousands of dollars going to pool...
  2. jtrombetta

    3 u gorton panto mill

    Used my buddies pantograph to build this cue in 1998. Should see it in person. Beware, having patterns are the key to these machines. Even though his was kind of a pain in the butt to run as far as skewing and setup time, it sure does beautiful work IMO.
  3. jtrombetta

    what cue makers or brands have you owned?

    QUOTE=dakota;2058943]Well, I saw this thread and it really made me think about all the cues that I have owned or still own over the course of maybe the last 6 or 7 years. I began to think that maybe I have a problem, but then I realized that the only cure is to buy a couple more cues and just...
  4. jtrombetta

    Nate Jones

    Nate might not have been the most famous pool player in the world, but he was one of the most liked and a true friend and gentleman. Rest in peace Nate... You are missed, Joe T
  5. jtrombetta

    Got a question

    What does everybody think about coring of front prong? Before or after gluing points in? Logic tells me if you are using ebony, tulipwood, kingwood, or any other heavy front prong material and then glue in points out of other heavy material you would be better off coring after the points are...
  6. jtrombetta

    Pictures of Cuemakers

    Hi, I'm Joe Trombetta and been goofing around building a few here and there for about 13 years.
  7. jtrombetta

    To all custom cue makers.

    This is my #1 player I built around 10 years ago. radial pin full ebony front prong 40 each small ivory diamonds 4 each large floating ivory points all inlays, joint collar, butt cap, ivory and tourquios cue weights 19.3 oz with original shaft which is 29" and 12 mm.
  8. jtrombetta


    I recently posted a reply about my opinion on shaft weights in the "ask the cuemaker" section. I said that I saw a lot of pro's, men and women playing with different shafts than the originals that came with their cues. You can tell by looking at the joint collars. Agree or disagree. All you...
  9. jtrombetta

    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]Just some of my cues. Hope there not too bad.
  10. jtrombetta

    How to keep rings from rising.

    Just some of the cues I built. The cocobolo w/curly wrap is just ready for final sanding and finishing
  11. jtrombetta

    How to keep rings from rising.

    OK figured out how to post pictures.
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    About 10 years ago I did two refinish jobs on old joss cues. Both had curly maple front prongs and both cues were at least 20 years old. One had even been in a flood. I have heard and believe that curly maple is some of the most unstable wood in the world and I have made some of the best...
  13. jtrombetta

    What's the best finish to use on cues

    I've made a lot of cues over the past 12 years or so and am interested in what you people are using for finish out there. I used ppg DU2020 and the DU1000 which is a show car clear poly urethane. The DU1000 was the best at the time for me but they quit making it and its quite spendy...