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  1. seven_7days

    DCC Action Room Updates

    I read that it was only a race to 11, which is very short for these guys. Must've been small cheese. Anyone confirm?
  2. seven_7days


    I'm reading that as *Pinegar lost to Jesus...but I've also heard that he won that match. Which is it?
  3. seven_7days

    Well it happened...Shane vs Tate US open

    OMG! First the Challenge of Champions controversy in 1991...and now this? When will it end?
  4. seven_7days

    Red layered tips

    could be Water Buffalo
  5. seven_7days

    Efren playing with Predator Z3? :O

    Yes the "Z" logos are night and day different...however, on one of his recent matches on youtube in the Philippines, I zoomed in and it was definitely a Z2.
  6. seven_7days

    Efren playing with Predator Z3? :O

    He's definitely using a BK2 butt but I think the shaft is a Z2 not a Z3.
  7. seven_7days

    USPS Tracking says “Visible Damage”

    Not sure with USPS but with Fedex, if the outer package appears damaged or if they have reason to believe the contents "may" have been damaged in transit...they would set aside for inspection w/o a delivery attempt. If it passes inspection, they'll simply repackage it and deliver it to the...
  8. seven_7days

    Efren Reyes current cue?

    I'm almost certain the butt he's currently using is a Predator BK2.
  9. seven_7days

    Predator BK Rush break jump

    Brand new, never hit a ball. BK Rush break jump no wrap $725 shipped in the US. text #512-540-1183 Mark
  10. seven_7days

    Sold Predator Bk Rush break

    Used Predator BK Rush Redline with Sports Wrap. BUTT ONLY! Couple of dings on the forearm, hard to see but you can feel it. $300
  11. seven_7days

    Sold BK Rush break/jump

  12. seven_7days

    Sold BK Rush break/jump

    Predator BK Rush break/jump in used but excellent condition. $680 shipped in the US.
  13. seven_7days

    Predator Sport S Custom/Extension

    Predator Sport S with 324-2 shaft. Butt 16.8 oz (custom) Shaft: 3.8 oz, 12.75 mm NOS (new old stock). Thin collar. The sport wrap was worn so I had it removed by Rick Howard cues. He then re-wrapped it with Irish Linen in blue w/white specs and then sealed the entire butt for a wrapless feel...
  14. seven_7days

    Lomax 3pc Jump w/JPs

    Lomax 3pc Jumper with fancy ring work and matching JPs. 9.5/10 condition Sold
  15. seven_7days

    Rick Howard Jump/Break w/BK Rush shaft

    This was made by Rick Howard and designed by me. The concept here is to be able to interchange between a standard length Jump/Break at 58” and the shorter 54” version by having 2 different length handles to choose from. Assuming of course, that you pair it with a 29” shaft. The 1st handle is...
  16. seven_7days

    Predator Revos/Rush

    *Butts only. P3 RN - 15.2 oz, no wrap, Uniloc, mint condition. P3 GN - 15.2 oz. no wrap, Uniloc, mint condition. Rush - 14.1 oz, no wrap, Uniloc (one ding on forearm). SOLD
  17. seven_7days

    Predator Revo P3RN

    Predator Revo P3 GN model in mint condition, like new. Butt is 15.3 oz, shaft is 4oz, 12.9 mm with a G2 medium tip, Uniloc pins. SOLD
  18. seven_7days

    Predator P3GN/Predator Rush/Lomax Jump

    - Predator Revo P3GN, 12.9 mm, G2 medium tip, 8” extension. 10/10 condition. - $1500 - Predator Rush Sport, (new) sleeve/wipes included, 10/10 condition. - SOLD - Lomax 3 pc Jump w/custom JPs and fancy ring work, 9.5/10. - $550 PayPal friends and family or add 3%. No trades please.
  19. seven_7days

    Revo 12.9 Uniloc and 314-2

    Predator Revo 12.9 mm, Uniloc, G2 medium tip ($40 upgrade). - $550 Predator 314-2, Uniloc, thin collar, NOS, includes 2” extension. - $300 ($250 w/o extension). PayPal F&F or add 3%. No trades.