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  1. Chuck521

    WTB Ed Prewitt Spot

    I'm looking to get a cue made by Ed Prewitt and would like to buy someones spot in line. if you have a spot and want bought out let me know how much it is and what the timeline is. Thanks Chuck
  2. Chuck521

    Wanted 7' simonis 860HR tournament blue cloth

    I looking for some 860hr cloth so I figured I would check on here first to see if anyone has it for a decent price. Let me know what you got. Thanks Chuck
  3. Chuck521

    Monster $$$ Joe Callaluca $$$ Bushka

    GONE thanks for looking
  4. Chuck521

    Richard Chudy SnakeWood 4pt

    Richard Chudy 2012 Snakewood into Curly Maple 4 Point, 4 Veneers, Natural, Green, Orange and Blue, White with Black Spec Linen Wrap Ivory butt cap, G-10 Pin, S/S Joints 1 Original shaft 29'' long 13mm Ivory Ferrule. 20oz Cue is Straight together and apart. I would rate this cue a 9/10. No...
  5. Chuck521

    John Spitz Ebony On Ebony Flame Cue FS/FT

    Gone gone gone
  6. Chuck521

    John Spitz Ebony On Ebony + JB 3x4 case

    For sale is a Full Splice Jon Spitz Eight Point Ivory and Flame veneered Ebony cue from 2011 made from a John Davis Full Splice blank. John Davis did the points at both ends. The ebony handle was completely cored to keep the John Davis full splice blank intact. It has four veneers of natural...
  7. Chuck521

    WTB 3/8x10 Joint protectors

    I Found what i was looking for Thanks Chuck
  8. Chuck521

    WTB: Predator Chaulk And Kamui Clear tip

    I'm looking for a tube of Predator Chaulk and 1 Medium Kamui Clear Black tip. PayPal Ready. Thanks Charlie
  9. Chuck521

    What Table Is This?

    I have a buddy offering me this Table, well its my buddies, I can pick it up for free but my Question is, is it worth it to put new felt and rails on it and make a player out of it? his wife wants it gone asap.
  10. Chuck521

    Schon SL-18

    Is a Schon SL-18 has recently been refinished, hasn't seen much play since. The Forearm is Birds eye maple with 4 hi 4 low Cocobolo Points, 2 veneers I think is Holly wood and Ebony, with Ivory diamond inlays in the forearm. Weight: 19.25oz Comes with 2 Original Schon Shafts Both shafts...
  11. Chuck521

    Predator Z2 29'' shaft

    This is a Predator z2 shaft in excellent condition, it has a very small taper roll to it. but it is Very small when you roll it across the table. I've bought brand new shafts with the same amount of taper roll so it isn't noticeable while it is on the cue or shooting with it. you can only see...
  12. Chuck521

    Jester 2 Jump cue 3 Piece

    Jester 2 3 piece jump cue in like new condition, No dents or dings just chaulk on the tip. 5.9oz with ext. 4.7oz without it, I believe its the lightest Jump cue made. I've probably only jumped with this maybe 20-30 times when i first got it after that i put it up and continued to just use my...
  13. Chuck521

    Tim Scruggs

    Tim Scruggs SP standard 58" cue with a wood to wood joint. 5/16x14 i believe with the orginal 13mm ivory shaft. Cue is straight together and apart. The butt has a couple flaws that I show in the pictures nothing major by no means just finish dings. This cue hits a ton, I wouldnt be getting rid...
  14. Chuck521

    WTB 2 Kamui Clear Med. And 2 Fibre pads

    Like the title say I'm looking to buy 2 Kamui Clear Black Med. tips and 2 Fibre pads to put under the tips
  15. Chuck521

    Mitchell Thomas Butterfly SP

    This is a Mitchell Thomas Butterfly SP 60" cue Cue is in perfect condition Forearm is laminated curly maple, with 2 Cherry Brazillian points. New Predator shaft with matching collar G10 Pin Tip is a Kamui Brown Clear Medium Not sure about the Weight I think its around 18oz Price is $500
  16. Chuck521

    Sneaky Pete

    I got a LZ2000SP Lucasi SP for sale that comes with a predator Z shaft. The butt has a few dents and dings from being played with nothing major, the shaft is in good condition no dents or dings just dirty from regular play. I can clean the shaft and reseal it for an extra $10 if the buyer...
  17. Chuck521


    I'm looking for a certain color combo in Dymondwood to be made into a break cue. I was wanting one from Alex Brick, but he don't have the color combo available. which is Black and Red, I'll attach a pic of the color to be more clear. but my Question Is, Is there anyone or could make me this...
  18. Chuck521

    My Dave Kikel, Awesome Player

    This is my Dave Kikel Cue I just got back today. I had him put a new wrap on it and refinish it while he was at it. i had him put real lizard on it with a color close to the wood on the forearm. and I'm really liking how this cue came out I don't think i could be any happier. Now all i'm waiting...
  19. Chuck521

    Mint 30" OB Classic Radial Pin F/S

    This is a like New 30" OB Classic Radial Pin shaft, the tip is a Kamui Black Med only 3 months old, the tip diameter is 12.56. This shaft is straight apart and together, there is absolutely no dents or dings no bluing. this shaft plays great only reason I'm selling it is because I wanna try some...
  20. Chuck521

    New John Burton Case

    I pick this up from John Friday I believe at the expo. And I love this case The quality of this case is 2nd to none and the protection that it provides my cue's is unsurpassed by anyone out there. Thanks a lot John it was a pleasure doing business with you.