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  1. randyg00

    Sold Volturi 4x8 crocodile & stingray accented case

    This is a real Volturi pool cue case and not a knock off. Brand new Volturi 4x8 pool case. Below are the details and materials in the case confirmed by the case maker. Case Size: 4x8 Case Built: December 2022 Body of case: Porosus crocodile leather (white parts) Tooling: Italian veg-tan...
  2. randyg00

    Woods cues hard pool case 3x4 $90 plus shipping

    Features & details Can store 3 butts and 4 shafts and pocket to hold chalk, tips, etc. Adjustable password locks. Leather handle for more comfortable user experience. Strong ABS material with leather, High Density Foam to hold the cues securely in place. Local pick up if possible. Shipping...
  3. randyg00

    Super Aramith Pro Belgian Pool Balls $140 OBO

    Complete set available. Slightly used. If you are interested let me know. Local pick up if possible. Shipping cost is extra.
  4. randyg00

    Looking for pool instructor

    Hello everyone, I live in Lansdale, PA and I'm looking for a good local instructor to help with my game. I have a 7ft table at home. Would prefer someone who is certified. Anyone have any suggestions please send me a DM. Best,
  5. randyg00

    Potts Chinese 8 ball cue

    Selling Potts Chinese 8 ball cue. It is made from the finest quality ash wood with an ebony butt. It has a unique carbon fiber ferrule to lower deflection. It comes with an 11.5mm Zan Tip. This is a 3/4 joint cue an comes with the case and extension. This cue can be also used for American 8...
  6. randyg00

    Looking for 7ft pool table

    I'm looking for a 7ft slate bed pool table. I live in lansdale pa. Anyone have any leads please let me know.
  7. randyg00

    Looking for Coll custom cues

    Does anyone know if he still makes cues? Does anyone have any for sale?
  8. randyg00

    Cue Building DVDs

    Hello, I am looking for some dvds on cue building. Anyone have any for sale message me.
  9. randyg00

    Looking for an Instroke all black Southwest 2x4 pool cue case

    Hello. Looking for a 2x4 all black Southwest Instroke case. I want to pay less than that $400 for the case. If anyone has this case in good condition please message me.
  10. randyg00

    looking for Tony Layne jump/break cue

    WTB Tony Layne jump/break cue Hello all, I'm going to the Super Billiards Expo this year and I need a break cue. I want to buy a Tony Layne jump/break cue. If you are going to the Super Billiards Expo in April let me know. I'm interested in buying one.
  11. randyg00

    Looking for pool teacher in north wales, pa

    Hello all, I am looking for a teacher to help with my approach and other issues to take me to the next level. I can run 5 to 6 balls in 9 ball. High run of 26 in strait pool. I know i have the ability to run racks in 9 ball and add 20 balls to my strait pool. If anyone knows a good teacher...
  12. randyg00

    Autographed music memorabilia for trade

    I have a lot of music memorabilia that I would like to trade for a custom cue. Autographed cd booklets, poster, guitar picks and many many more. Anyone interested send me a pm. Mudvayne "The End of All Things To Come" cd booklet signed Mudvayne promo poster "End of All Things to Come" album...
  13. randyg00

    Autographed cue balls on ebay The super billiards expo is coming up. If anyone is interested let me know. Ill accept cash or money to my Paypal. More pictures to come.
  14. randyg00

    WTT: Autographed memorabilia for custom cue

    I'm looking for a trade of all of my memorabilia stuff for a custom cue. I'm open to any offers if its reasonable. I also have some extra stuff I can throw in if nessasary. Memorabilia For Sale Breaking Benjamin poster album "We Are Not Alone" signed Mudvayne "The End of All Things To Come"...
  15. randyg00

    WTT: Autographed memorabilia for custom cue

    I'm looking for a trade of all of my memorabilia stuff for a custom cue. Looking for a Richard Chudy or Sugartree cue by Eric Crisp or something good. I'm open to any offers if its reasonable. The whole package is worth $1500 so something close to that. I also have some extra stuff I can throw...
  16. randyg00

    Balls flying off rails when hit

    I have a problem at my local pool hall there is a table I was playing on and when I hit the object ball into the rail at medium or soft speed it jumps off the rail about 6 to 12 inches into the air. I think it has something to do with the rails being so old but I would like a professionals...
  17. randyg00

    Sugartree cue info

    Info please. Why are sugartree cues so much money? What makes them so special? How do they hit ect? Any info would be fantastic.
  18. randyg00

    focus problem

    I played in a pool tourni last night and I stared off great. I shot strong and missed a few shots but that happens. Then after I won I got to practice on a table while I wait and just was wacking balls around. Then when it came time to shoot I was all out of wack. Preshot routine was gone. Focus...
  19. randyg00

    Wants a break cue for $40.00 bucks.

    I'm looking for a break cue for $30 to $40 bucks or a jump/break for $50. Anyone selling anything like this or something similar let me know.
  20. randyg00

    How do you take off a feurrle?

    I need help I dont know how to do that. And after I get it off i dont know how to put one on. Can anyone help?