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  1. bdiesel

    Sold Tim Scruggs 4 point 5 veneer cue for sale or trade

    New cash price @ $2600. Trade is still @2800. Keep them coming!
  2. bdiesel

    Sold Tim Scruggs 4 point 5 veneer cue for sale or trade

    Yes still available. Open to offers
  3. bdiesel

    Sold Tim Scruggs 4 point 5 veneer cue for sale or trade

    Keep em coming. Bumper
  4. bdiesel

    South Florida APA

    I definitely will! looking to start playing in leagues again.
  5. bdiesel

    Sold Tim Scruggs 4 point 5 veneer cue for sale or trade

    Hi guys, recently got this puppy from Ted but my car blew up and I need to free up some cash, but I do need another cue. So I am asking $2800 for the cue, or a trade + some cash. So let's see what is out there. Here are the specs from Ted's thread: Tim Scruggs cue for sale Two original shafts...
  6. bdiesel

    What is your Age? Curious?

  7. bdiesel

    South Florida APA

    Perfect! 20 min from my house. Thanks for the reply!
  8. bdiesel

    South Florida APA

    Greetings, I just moved down to Boca Raton area and used play APA up north in St. Augustine a few years ago. Looking to find a league or something to play in around my area. Anyone know of any good pool halls/ leagues down here? thanks!
  9. bdiesel

    Ed Prewitt $1500 Fire Sale, Ivory joint/ferrules Here is the link to the listing, I just paid 2,000 a few months ago, I love the cue, but unfortunately I just had a crap ton of medical bills come in and I am under. This is not a good moment in my life, just sold all my...
  10. bdiesel

    Ed Prewitt for sale

    <<<<<Ed Prewitt>>>>> for sale Just to inform everyone I posted in the other thread it was on hold for a day, and the guy wanted it. Thanks for all the interest
  11. bdiesel

    J.Flowers, Jeff Olney, Steve Lomax, BK2.

    Ok so taxes are crap and I have to sell off some of my stuff. I owe money so I am trying to sell this as 1 lot if possible. Jeff Olney, Pao Ferro 4 pt, 1 shaft I believe it is around 19-19.6 oz. with a 13MM tip. sold pending funds Steve Lomax Jump cue, with extension black finish. Almost...
  12. bdiesel

    Paul Mottey for sale

    Here is Paul Mottey a local player around my area has for sale and I am going to list it to help him with the sale. He is asking $2200 for the cue. It comes with 2 shafts, and Joint protectors made by paul. The cue is 58' and is approx 19oz. I didn't have my scale nor did he have his...
  13. bdiesel

    $$ Pete Omen 6 Pt SW Style $$

  14. bdiesel

    $$$$ FS/OT James White test hit only $$$$

  15. bdiesel

    Curious if anyone has done this

    Has anyone ever made a cue as a "lightsaber" so to speak from Star Wars. Either a Luke or Vader lightsaber would be sick. I wouldn't even know how to go about making a cue like that but im sure someone can come up with an idea. I personally am a fan of traditional looking cues, but im also a...
  16. bdiesel

    Looking for 5/16x14 sneaky for bar play

    Thanks for the posts, I think I figured it out. Cheers!
  17. bdiesel

    Who made this schon?

    Any way to put a value on it, a guy at a local pool hall has one and wants to sell it. Is it a Runde? How do you even tell? The points are very pointy so it looks like an early schon. Please help! ;) he said it has both shafts as well.
  18. bdiesel

    Interested in Lomax Jump Cue

    found one from steve, nevermind!
  19. bdiesel

    FS: Tim Scruggs 4pt needs to go

    traded thanks