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    Sold (2) Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shafts, 5/16-14, 12.5mm, 30"

    I’ll take it. I sent you a PM.
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    Sold (2) Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shafts, 5/16-14, 12.5mm, 30"

    Are they both 30” 12.5mm? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Wow, how do you get a hole offset like that in a lathe? I've had a few Schmelkes and have always used other shafts with them. I have not had that issue, but I can certainly understand why you are disappointed in them.
  4. J

    Billy Thorpe to Meucci

    Billy and Sky seem to have a lot of fun together. Maybe Bob will send them out to do some exhibition matches together.
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    I just want to be clear on what you mean by "offset". Are you saying the pin is not centered in the butt, or that the diameter of the joint collar is not what you requested?
  6. J

    Billy Thorpe to Meucci

    Looks like Meucci Cues picked up Billy.
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    Break shaft diameter

    I have a question for you guys about break cues/shafts. For years I have always felt like I break better with my playing cue. It has a 12.5mm shaft and a Medium-Hard tip. Of course repeated breaking tends to flatten the tip, so I would prefer to use a break cue. What I have noticed is...
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    Mosconi "Snakes" ?

    Wearing a mask when you have been in a “bubble” with a small group of people who all tested negative multiple times seems a bit silly doesn’t it? And the all pulled them off to talk while literally rubbing shoulders with each other anyway. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    2 Jacoby Gamblers for sale

    Sold 2 Jacoby Gamblers PRICE REDUCED! I have 2 very nice Jacoby Gambler cues for sale. Both are currently at 18.6 oz. and can be adjusted. 1st cue: Forearm Wood: Grey Stained Birdseye Maple Butt Sleeve Wood: Grey Stained Birdseye Maple Forearm Inlays: 4 Elforyn Points with Ebony Borders and...
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    used cue websites

    Are there any websites out there that have listing for used cues by retailers (other than AZB and eBay/Facebook)? I've found a couple that are mostly high end cues and of course a ton with new cues, but not much out there for used in the under $1000 range. I know it's time consuming, so I...
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    New Meucci Carbon Pro 31" 12.5mm 3/8-10

    I ordered a Meucci Carbon shaft after they were announced and between placing the order and receiving it had a chance to buy a Becue. I like the Becue and don't really want to go through a process of using both to see which I like better etc so I'm just going to sell the Meucci. It is brand...
  12. J

    "True Moori" tip.

    Hey, I have been emailing with Meucci about the new Carbon Pro shaft and asking what tip it will come with. They said Moori. I asked soft, medium, or hard. They said "true moori" Is "True" a name for a tip they sell, or are they just trying to tell me it's not a "fake" moori?
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    DCC Mic Feedback

    Is anybody else hearing this? Can't somebody fix it? Sounds like my father-in-laws hearing aids....
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    Start time for Mosconi Cup (Vegas)

    Anybody remember what the start time was for the Mosconi Cup last time it was in Vegas? I was thinking it was 6:30 pm but I'd like to confirm it. Thanks!
  15. J

    SVB cue/shaft

    I apologize if I missed a previous post about this, but I'm watch SVB and Superman playing in Duluth and Shane has a black Revo looking shaft on his cue. I'm guessing it's just a black Cuetec shaft, but can anyone confirm? Thanks, Jerry
  16. J

    Shane walks away....

    anybody watching the stream from 4 Bears? Corey got up and looked at the rack., Shane broke and scratched. Shane put away his cue and left. Score was 1-0 in a race to 7 I don't know what the conversation was, but I didn't see a problem with anything Corey did. You can watch it on the Cue...
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    Playing on fast tables-help

    All league season I shoot in bars on what I would call medium to slow tables. Then tournament time we play on fast tables and I have a hard time controlling cue ball speed. If I let up on my stroke I really struggle with getting the cue ball to react the way I want it to. I understand this is...
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    Cues with Orange in them.

    Hey all, I'm looking at having a custom cue made and I like the color orange. Anybody have some pictures of cues with orange wood or perhaps orange stained wood. Chakte Viga, Padauk, Osage, etc... Thanks! Jerry