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  1. bigjr

    WTB: SCHON LTD #909

    still looking for this cue SCHON LTD #909, pinkl ivory, grey stain?? thank you
  2. bigjr

    can i buy? thank you

    can i buy? thank you
  3. bigjr

    Sold X breaker and x jump for sale

    2nd that? still have intrest??
  4. bigjr

    Sold X breaker and x jump for sale

    Also intresteded
  5. bigjr

    hello has your xbreaker sold?? thank you

    hello has your xbreaker sold?? thank you
  6. bigjr

    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

  7. bigjr

    Tad Custom Cue with Tad Case

    have you pulled of the rubber bumper to see what the number is?? thanks
  8. bigjr

    Meucci Diamond cue

    is that the correct shaft for that cue? thanks
  9. bigjr


  10. bigjr


    still looking for one of these with the pink inlays?? anyone? thank you
  11. bigjr

    Q-cases, custom case

    this came from an estate sale the guy collected cues and billiards related thisis by Q-CASES 2x4 burgundy/blk in new shape never been out of the house didn't get a chance to use it . the only problem is his name is embossed in the leather by the latch?? easy fix I guess asking $325
  12. bigjr

    Wts:smithlin cue, las vegas

    hello this was bought in 1997 or so from rich himself one owner cue all the white diamonds in forearm and but is ivory stainless joint 5x16x14 has two shafts 13mm w/ivory ferrules and stack leather wrap not a scratch,dent, mark on the cue looks brand new finish is great for being as old as it is...
  13. bigjr

    Tad tribute cue

    hello I bought this cue from a gentleman in san diego from a guy named josh Ulrich its a great cue made by jd cues joel dividas its 19oz rolls perfect together or apart the only things that's real ivory is the ferrule I had rich smithlin of smithlin cues put on for me he has now passed on other...
  14. bigjr

    J/b cues whats best????

    hey guys in your opinion is it better to use an all in one j/b cue or a cue for breaking and a short cue for jumping what do most of you use?? thanks
  15. bigjr

    Cue, ivory or stainless

    hope this is the right place for this im new here so for give me if its not. I have only been playing now for around a year, I would like some input on thoughts about ivory or stainless joints on a cue?. I currently have a schon with a stainless joint but got to play with a cue that has an...
  16. bigjr

    Wtb: Schon cue older ltd

    would anyone know where I could obtain this schon cue LTD 909 been looking no luck a lead would be great if its in rough condition I can always get it refinished thanks
  17. bigjr

    Wtb: Varney,j/b

    hello im looking to buy a used varney j/b cue I do not know what a new one cost. so I don't know what would be a fair price on a used? thank you