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  1. GreekTycoon

    Table mechanic in Chicagoland

    Not sure if this is the appropriate ”area” to post this type of question…but here goes. I’m wondering if anyone one can provide me with suggestions for a good mechanic in the Chicago area who can put some new cloth and rubber on a 9’ Diamond. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  2. GreekTycoon

    Brunswick Anniversary - need help

    I have a late-1950's Brunswick Anniversary in the Chicago area. The table is heavily played and needs to be repaired and refurbished. Can anyone refer me to someone in the Chicago area who can help with repairing and refinishing, possibly providing some replacement parts, recovering the table...
  3. GreekTycoon

    HELP NEEDED - Can you identify this cue?

    Hi fellow AZ'ers- Can anyone identify this cue maker? A friend owns this stick and it's a great playing cue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. GreekTycoon

    Chicago-area AZers - Tip Installation??

    This is for all you Chicago pool guys (and gals)...can someone please refer me to a good tip installer. For years I went to Mr. Leo at Chris', but he passed away (God rest his soul). I need to find someone else. I live on the North side, and while Red Shoes is a fantastic place, it's too far to...
  5. GreekTycoon

    Billiard ball deterioration

    OK, please help settle an argument. Do pool balls - new in the box, stored under normal conditions - deteriorate over time? A freind has a set of Brubswick Centennials fron the '70's. Have they lost anything? Thanks in advance. (BTW, I say "no." There's the argument...)