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  1. deadstroke89

    Sold X breaker and x jump for sale

    Cue is sold ....
  2. deadstroke89

    Sold X breaker and x jump for sale

    All messaged have been replied to.. sorry guys Christmas was crazy this year
  3. deadstroke89

    It's still available

    It's still available
  4. deadstroke89

    Sold X breaker and x jump for sale

    Bought from Richard back in 2007 played with very lightly asking 600 shipped
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    Still hunting for one ?
  6. deadstroke89

    Load fancy paul mottey **read the thread**

    i have a 05 fancy paul mottey both shafts weight 3.8ozs, one shaft is 12.85mm and the other is 13mm. the total cue weight is 18.8ozs Now for the bad news the butt cap is CRACKED which is the reason for the very low price. i have had the repair quoted at $300. im asking SOLD. look over the...
  7. deadstroke89

    Jack Justis 2X4 feeler?

    hey guys as the title says i have a Justis 2x4 case was woundering if there is anyone out there look for one. was made in 2006 and is signed at the bottom by jack Case is Sold
  8. deadstroke89

    Paul mottey snakewood cue for sale

    i have this nice Mottey with 4 Snakewood Long points and 4 short Ebony points. The long points contain Ivory diamond inlays. Snakewood buttsleeve with very nice figure contains Ivory diamonds and Ivory windows with interior Ivory rectangles. Cue has Ivory diamond and Snakewood ringwork at all...
  9. deadstroke89

    cuemaker need in VA or close to

    hey guys i have two paul mottey cues that need some work one needs a butt repair and refinishing. I know paul isnt making cues anymore and i tried contacting james white but thats another story. id like to get these cues fixed. another question is since the repair work wasnt done by paul will...
  10. deadstroke89

    WTB- predator air

    hey guys im looking to buy a predator air cue but everywhere i look they are sold out. hope you guys can help me out here. thanks
  11. deadstroke89

    the right way for ivory?

    hey guys i have read through all the threads in the cuemaker question and i havent seen anything on this.. what is the right way to put a fiber pad on ivory? i think my prep work is right i sand the ivory with 220 and the scuff the pad. i use super glue to attach the two, but i still let a...
  12. deadstroke89

    cue butt repair??

    cue makers i need some serious help here!!!!! i have a fancy paul mottey that had its butt cap cracked on two sides? now i know that paul is retired ,but does he still do repairs or does james white do repairs? or can any other cue maker on here do the work? any and all informations is...
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    ok so i have been thinking about this for awhile now and wanted to see what you guys thought about it. take all custom cues give then basicly a VIN number and have them registered in a database with the maker date made and dates sold along with any cue work on it. this way people who buy...
  14. deadstroke89

    06 shurtz cue for sale

    i have a shurtz cue for sale its a 5/16X14 thread two shafts are coming with it the one that came with the cue and and OB 1 shaft ( the ferrule has been replaced with abs plastic) total weight on the cue is 19 oz. im not sure of the shaft weight. this was a playing and the shafts show some...
  15. deadstroke89

    WTB: Xbreaker

    hey guys im looking to buy and Golden oak samara with a lizard wrap hope u guys can help me out thanx
  16. deadstroke89

    looking for the speed on a man

    hey guys im looking for the speed on a man named rudy sparkman up in the virginia beach area. any info on this man would be great. thanx again for your time.
  17. deadstroke89

    Refinishing question

    hey guys i was just wondering what it would cost to get a cue refinished? i have a 2002 Paul Mottey that was messed up during shipping right in the forearm. its a dent about 1/2 long and a depth of 1/16 and a width of 1/4. any input would be great
  18. deadstroke89

    best looking paul mottey cue

    hey guys i'm looking for pics of your paul mottey cue's. i'm trying to put together a profile of his work so when i get in touch with him i know what to tell him. thanx for your post ahead of time guys! also does he go to any pool convention ?