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    I sent you a message. Thanks.

    I sent you a message. Thanks.
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    Hello, yes it’s still available. Thanks.

    Hello, yes it’s still available. Thanks.
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 29" United Shaft

    Price dropped~
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 29" United Shaft

    Hello, I just replied the message. Thank you.
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 29" United Shaft

    I will pass. Thanks for asking.
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 29" United Shaft

    What's your cue?
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 29" United Shaft

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    For Sale Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue, 2x 0.5 oz weight, 2x 1.0 oz weight, and Cleaning wipes. Cue is in good condition, straight, original tip. A visible chip near the bottom of the cue (shown in the last pic-- red circle) Paypal F&F $500, free shipping lower 48 States. SKU: 95-145NW Tip...
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    Sold ***For Sale***Cuetec Cynergy 11.8mm Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shaft - Mezz United

    dirtvictim, why do you hate this post so much and left angry face to every replies? lol It seems many others have noticed the same issue about you as well...
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    Mezz Power Break Kai Cue Blue With XPG Grip

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    Exceed EXC-SEw w/ upgraded Genuine elephant ear wrap

    Brand Model: Exceed EXC-SEw Butt: EXC-SEw (Ebony wood, Fancy rings, Wavy joint) Shaft: Hybrid Pro2 Tip: Zan Plus Soft Cue Weight: 19.5 oz Accessories: Mezz butt weight bolt set, joint protectors, velvet cue bag Price: Sold The genuine elephant ear wrap- Black Select grade was performed by...
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    Upgrade to elephant ear leather wrap

    My playing cue is Irish Linen. I want to upgrade it to elephant ear wrap. I have two questions: 1. Where can I buy elephant ear leather? 2. Who/which website can install it? Thank you!:)
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    <FS> -For Sale- Predator BK3 Sports Wrap Break Cue

    Used Predator BK3 sports wrap break cue for sale. Excellent condition- straight, smooth, and clean. Joint protectors and Predator bag are included. :smile: <$SOLD$> Paypal shipped. No trades. Product ID: BK3SW Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick Cue Tip: Phenolic Tip Shaft Diameter: 13.2mm Shaft...
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    ~FS~ Mezz WD700 Shaft

    Only played for about a month. Great condition. Still like new. Smooth, straight, no dent. The shaft $200 shipped 29" Mezz WD700 Uni-Loc with Zan soft tip. 4.0 oz. Fits Predator cues. Predator joint protector included.
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    ~FS~ Predator Sport 2 Play Cue & Mezz WD700 Shaft

    Only owned about a month and played a handful of times. Great condition. Still like new condition. Smooth, straight, no dent. Shaft: $220 shipped ($210 now!!) 29" Mezz WD700 Uni-Loc with Zan soft tip. 4.0 oz. Predator joint protector included. Butt: $220 shipped (SOLD!!) Predator Sport 2 Play...
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    Kamui cue caddy

    Got my Kamui cue holder today. I took some pictures of it to share with you guys. I'm not promoting it or anything. I couldn't find much information about it before buying. Just for people who might be interested or curious. :) Size: 4.5" x 2.25" Weight: 4.4 oz
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    Aiming System

    I saw this video and curious about are there many people using this aiming system? I use ghost ball aiming system. However, the video says it will present problems as you become a more advanced player. I'm trying to think how to improve my shooting...