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  1. lenoxmjs

    Im looking for an Olney cue.

    I have 5 available. A fancy inlaid 4 pointer. A southwest style . A Brazilian Rosewood with a stainless joint . Another Brazilian with flat face joint. And a Pau Ferro with a Birdseye Handle. Pics are too large to upload. Message me an email if you would like pics. Thank you
  2. lenoxmjs

    When will the Southwest cue market come crashing down?

    I personally don't get it. I don't see the prices that they are commanding as sustainable. They play well no doubt and they are made well but so are 1000's of other cues. Beyond that there really is nothing special about them IMO. (and yes I've owned several over the years and yes I could...
  3. lenoxmjs

    Guess the maker

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  4. lenoxmjs

    My Justis Trio

    Post up your Justis Cases. Hope to add 1 more to my collection soon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. lenoxmjs

    Joe Callaluca Cue

    Heres one hot out of the shop. What do you guys think? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. lenoxmjs

    Guess the Splicer

    Here is one in the works. Who is the maker? Those who have seen early pics or have inside info please give everyone else a chance to guess
  7. lenoxmjs

    Used Jack Justis

    Just picked up this case and it's not really the one for me. Looking to sell or possibly trade for a black lizard body Justis. I want only what I paid $500 plus shipping and 4 percent on the paypal. The case is about 85 percent. A few scuffs from regular use. You can also see where a name was...
  8. lenoxmjs

    Old friend comes home

    I bought this cue from Eric brand new. I foolishly sold it. Thanks to the kindness of Gary Nolan I was able to bring it home. I really like this cue because it is avery out of the norm style for Eric and I think the whole cue design just flows.
  9. lenoxmjs

    Today's collection

    This is 10 years of buying selling and trading. I have about another dozen on the wish list and a few more on order but am pretty content at the moment . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. lenoxmjs

    Everything I Own

    This is 10 years of buying selling and trading. I have about another dozen on the wish list and a few more on order but am pretty content at the moment . Right to Left Top row Gilbert, Tasc, Kikel, Callaluca, Tucker, Barrenbrugge, Bluegrass, Olney, Mobley, Blackcreek, Blackcreek, Mobley...
  11. lenoxmjs

    Western MA Mechanic

    Need a recomendation for an assembly and recover w rails on an 8ft Olhausen Remmington . Thank you
  12. lenoxmjs

    Couple new adds

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  13. lenoxmjs

    Thomas Wayne

    I have recently been doing some reflecting on pool , cuemakers, cues, and all the great people I've met through this site and others. I have very few regrets about having become involved in this hobby but one big regret that I do have is getting into it with Thomas Wayne. In the past both here...
  14. lenoxmjs

    Coolest Ringwork Thread

    Barrenbrugge How bout these
  15. lenoxmjs

    Coolest Ringwork Thread

    I like the simplicity of these with this cue
  16. lenoxmjs

    Look what I found !

    Who knows what it is? I'd like to find some red and some silver. Message me if you have some
  17. lenoxmjs

    Brazilian/Brazilian Durbin has landed

    Very excited to receive this cue. Mike and I sat down at the SBE and sketched the details of this one. I couldn't be happier with the results. Anyway here are a few pictures.
  18. lenoxmjs

    Multiple Recut cue in progress

    Here is another beauty that will be comming my way at some point in the future.
  19. lenoxmjs

    Christmas Gift

    A nice one by Murray. Came in just right 15 oz Butt with 3.9 oz shafts.