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  1. Cue Alchemist

    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    I'm the same watching this, it looks as if guys are playing even more tighter (robotic) than last years event. Which was the last time I watched as much pool as this. Its like thay say, it's all about how good your cue action is, under pressure, when it matters.
  2. Cue Alchemist

    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    The middles, look real tight too. Just watched the lisowski match. Not the best advertisement for pool I've ever seen. How serious he is. We will see in the next match,when he plays Mieszko Fortunski aka the butcher. His second match on the outside tables, I just watched day one, Fortunski wins 9-2.
  3. Cue Alchemist

    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    I don't think so, this guy is British, from St Albans which is in Hertfordshire England.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    He plays tournaments in the UK. Always does well in GB9.even won the challenge event which is really tough to win. Been around along time. He is way higher than 522. More like 750 fargo. That upset, doesn't surprise me.
  5. Cue Alchemist

    BK Rush break cue - with OR w/o the sport grip?

    Why the need to get another break cue if your Gilbert does the job? Especially if it's non wrap, I doudt, it's going to be that much better.
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    How to Improve 9 Ball Pro Match Play !!!

    I just remember someone saying 4 nines I saw the highlights. I don't like that way, you don't have much control over the cue ball. I can't remember what worlds it was. Thay stopped the match, Halfway through. Because the 9 kept going down. On one of the outside tables. I think that it was, last...
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    How to Improve 9 Ball Pro Match Play !!!

    That match where max lechner, had 4 nines in his first round. At the masters. It takes all the fun out the game. On the flip side through, a lot of scratches seem to be happening too.
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    This is what I did too.when I was younger, customs was a real big deal. It doesn't matter so much now. You only need, one really nice cue. I got one other cue that has sentimental value, the only one I haven't sold.
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    Best belt type chalk holder

    That was funny, Corey's like...... Where's my chalk gone.
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    I have been wondering the same lately. And just for fatboy. The 5 ain't purple it's orange.
  11. Cue Alchemist

    Best belt type chalk holder

    I ether put it my pocket.or when it's on the rail. Just make sure I take it with me, when I sit down. I know quite a few, don't like you leaving chalk on the table.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    At least gorst made it this time, be good to see him play.
  13. Cue Alchemist

    Soaking Leather Tips

    I did the same, soaked in milk then, left for 2 weeks in the fridge. Dried them for another week. Then I pressed them in a vice, with a bent coin, to get the dome shape. And left it in there for a couple days. It's nice way, to use up really soft elkmasters.thay worked best on snooker cues.
  14. Cue Alchemist

    Case & Cue Identification Help Needed

    Your absolutely right, the later version I have, is from the 50s has the white piloted joint, with the weight stamp, and green sticker. Im not sure what material the joint is, but you see it in a couple colors, other than white. its really strong stuff. Put a new shaft on, and thay play great...
  15. Cue Alchemist

    Should we employ Hawk-eye system?

    Wow, how did she not see that nine move!! Ref should of been all over that.
  16. Cue Alchemist

    $30 for a piece of chalk...What's your favorite chalk to use?

    How fast do you go through a peice? If it's a part of your PSR then it's still important.
  17. Cue Alchemist

    Best tip for diamond bar boxes

    Mike summed it up best here, This is exactly, the only way you will be able to master this. It don't matter what tip you got on, it's more likely your hitting the balls too hard. The only way to adjust, is too learn to accelerate, slower through the cue ball. In other words, develop a slightly...
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    RIP Danny Basavich

    His book was a smashing read,I remember him playing at a worlds in the early 2000s. sad news R.I.P.
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    Entertaining cue listings

    Here another meucci, with warped shaft. Just insane pricing.
  20. Cue Alchemist

    Entertaining cue listings

    Yeah, way to meny listings like that.