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    BRW Willie hoppe for sale

    The points are great but the ring has a crack. The cue is straight together and apart. $450. firm. Pau;l Sold
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    Willie Hoppe Pofessional BRW

    56" very nice cue, veneers perfect and all points level, Decal very good, shaft is straight as is the entire cue, weight is exactly the 21 oz marked. $500
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    Rose wood Wille Hoppe FS

    I have a Brazilian rose wood Hoppe for sale. IT has great points with deeply colored veneers, almost level points and all original. The ring in the butt has a old, small crack. The shaft is about 1/2" short and very thin. Price is $650 Thanks. Paul
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    Flat spotted measles balls

    I was talking to Bill Smith, Mr 3 cushion here and he mentioned that the measles billiard balls in the local pool room all had flat spots. I was there today and indeed, every spot on the white and yellow ball was either flat or had shrunk more than the rest of the ball. With the spot at the...
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    Steel joint collars for sale

    I'm still selling my late friends cue making supplies and I have 16 ,5/8" X 11 thread steel joint collars and 7, 5/16X18 thread brass inserts for sale at $25 for the lot plus $6 for shipping. send me a pm, first come first served. Thanks. Paul SOLD, thanks
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    Tapered shaft blanks FS

    I'm still sorting out my late friend Fred Meister's inventory and am selling a group of his shafts. Teses are tapered down to about .570" X. 900", are dead straight, have little or no run out and average about 12-15 rings per inch. They're 2008 or earlier and will make great shafts. The ones...
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    Sanding size shaft blanks for sale

    I have a group of 10 blanks size .844"-.846" to .500"-.507". They came from my late friend ,Fred Meister and were last turned at least 4 years ago and are all straight are straight grained, an avg of 15 ring count.and at least 12 years old. Sold as a group they are $150 plus actual shipping...
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    Titelist 1 piece cues for sale

    I have 4, 18 ounce Titelist one piece cues for sale. They are pretty much in original condition with bumpers ' original finish,and black ferrules. One is dead straight, two have minor warp and the fourth has a bigger bend, They are all about .875" at the 29" point, The price for all four is...
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    Ebony Willie Hoppe Professional for sale

    I'm selling a 22 oz. Willie Hoppe for the family of a late friend on mine. It comes with an original shortened shaft and a full length old growth shaft both with ivory ferrules. The point veneers are great. The leather is fine but the butt sleeve has three cracks that have been part of the...
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    Titelist 1 piece cues for sale

    I have 4 original condition, veneered, Brunswick Titelist cues to sell. One has the decal, three have the bumpers and three have the original black ferrule. They are all the featureless brown wood that has grain but no figure and all are light weight. The veneers are untouched. One is very...
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    31" seasoned, tapered shaft blanks

    I'm still getting rid of my late friend, Fred Meister's inventory. I have turned every shaft he has and separated them into individual groups. I have about 20, 31" straight grained shafts turned to about .920 X .570". The ring count is from good to crazy good and the grain is either...
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    Ebony Willie Hoppe Professional

    SOLD,, Thanks I have an early ebony, Brunswick Willie Hoppe with one short original ivory ferruled shaft and a longer (58" total) ivory ferruled old growth shaft. The thin walled brass joint is a replacement for the plastic that replaced the original thin walled joint. There are three cracks...
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    1940's Brazilian rose wood Wille Hoppe

    After owning and using it for 12 years I am selling my rose wood, 19.8oz Willie Hoppe professional. It has one original 11.75mm ivory ferruled shaft,a complete decal as well as one new 12.75 mm shaft and the Original Brunswick case. There is a scuff on the leather but otherwise it is...
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    Brazilian rosewood Willie Hoppe

    I'm selling this cue for my late friend, Fred Meister. It is marked 18 0x, has the original ivory ring, wrap, butt plate, and decal. There is a small scuff on the leather. It comes with one old shaft and a new shaft fitted to the cue. $300.. email me at for pictures...
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    15 yer old shafts for sale

    Fred Meister, a cue maker friend, of mine passed away in January and I am helping his family sell some of his supplies. He spent several weeks each summer in 2000 and 2001 visiting lumber yards in Ontario looking for shaft wood and ended up with quite a few very nice kiln dried shafts. Some...
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    Imprinted foil

    I', building a cue and I need a strip of foil with initials imprinted on it. Does anybody know where I can get a piece? Thanks.
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    Heavy older Dayton shafts FS

    After 25+ years making cues I have accumulated more 4.4 ounce and heavier shafts than I will ever need so I am putting some of them up for sale. These were purchased between 2004 and 2006 and have been turned at least 6 times on a yearly basis. Their diameters are .858-.520". They're...
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    Hiig grain count shafts for sale

    I am cleaning out my shop including my barrel of shafts rejected for weight. I have a couple dozen shafts I bought in 2008 and 2009 that have been turned 2 or 3 times and except for being lighter that I want they are as good looking a shaft as you can find. The ring counts run from 17 gpi to a...
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    Ivory pieces for sale

    I am cleaning up my shop and have a 5+ pound box of ivory chunks and pieces for sale for $150. PM for pics. I want to ship on Monday. Vacation thereafter. There are some pretty nice pieces here.
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    scraps for sale

    I have a 5 pound box of ivory scraps for sale. Hard to describe. PM for picture . $165 shipped Monday. I'm leaving for vacation Tuesday.