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  1. brulez

    Predator quiet roller 2 for sale

    Hello my fellow friends I have a Predator Quiet Roller 2 for sale. It's the one with the birds eye. I have 2 shafts for it the 314 and the Z2. The z2 is i believe 11.5 in diameter, it is a little tight but still plays well. Both shafts are in great condition. I have always had them in a hard...
  2. brulez

    When did you do your first run out?

    I was curious to hear some storys about your first run outs. Mine i was at my pool hall like always. and i had taken a break for about 2 weeks. I came in just to say hi to some of my friends and next thing i knew i had a house cue in my hand. I played one of my good buddies. I broke, had a...
  3. brulez

    Tip hardness Vs. table quickness

    So i have been trying to shoot on a differnt table now. and it seems that i just don't get my placement like i use to and it is bothering me alot.. i need to retip soon, and i was wondering what your thoughts/advice on tip hardness vs. the table felt/cloth quickness.?? :confused:
  4. brulez

    autographed cue balls??

    Hey i ran in to this site.. and i was wondering if anybody here as ever order from them and if they are truly the players autograph...??
  5. brulez

    cue case for travel??

    I am about to deploy and i would like to take my cues with me. but i am kinda worried about the traveling and what not that all goes with that.. does any one here have some good advice on traveling with cues, or any good cases, bages, ect....? it would be a big help thank you