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  1. homer66_59

    Jerry Rauenzahn For Sale

    I have for sale a Brand New Jerry Rauenzahn -R- Balabushka Titlist Recreation . I am asking 1700 OBO. I had Jerry Make this cue for me in 2014 before I came home from Afghanistan. It is brand new only test hit on one shaft the other shaft is unplayed.It has been in a case since I received it...
  2. homer66_59

    RC3 For Sale

    Sold sold sold sold sold sold :)p
  3. homer66_59

    RC3 For Sale

    Hello and good day to all . I wish to sell my RC3 cue that Richard made for me in 09-10. It is a one off from Richard . I am asking 4500 OBO . The spec's are as follows . Butt 14.49 oz Bird's Eye maple very figured forearm. SS joint G10 pin. Ebony 6 points up and down with Richard's one sided...
  4. homer66_59

    Jerry-R- For Sale

    I have a Jerry -R- George Balabushka replica that has a Titlist forearm with Pua Shell and all the right rings and look . The cue was finished in Dec 2014 when I returned from Afghanistan. The shafts also have Ivory ferrels and I believe Le Pro tips I am asking 1350.00 for that if interested ...
  5. homer66_59

    RC3 For Sale

    Hello and good day to all. My name is Timothy O'Connor and I have an RC3 Cue that Richard made for me in 09-10 The Cue is in excellent shape. I have one original shaft with the original tip and one tip that has been finished recently with a felt pad and a Morri Med tip. The price I am asking is...
  6. homer66_59

    My New -R- Titlist

    Back in the beginning of this year ( April) I had been wanting to do a custom build . After searching the AZ Forums and seeing some of the builds that Deanoc,WestPoint 1987, The JK Marshall Collection and some other AZer's builds I decided to have Mr Rauenzahn do a build for me. I just wanted a...
  7. homer66_59

    WTB Green Cue Holders

    Hello AZ members . My name is Tim and I have been a lurker on this site for many years. I don't post much, but I feel I need all of the help I can get. I am on a quest to find the green cue holders that I see many people here on this forum displaying their cues on. The holders are usually green...